Men's Yellow X Clot Future73 Timberloop 6 Inch Boot For In

Product Details

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Classic Yellow Boot, Timberland has assembled a team of Future Makers to reimagine this icon through their own lens of bold design innovation. Edison Chen, founder & creative director of Clot, infuses traditional Chinese narrative into contemporary streetwear with an all-encompassing approach towards fashion, art, music and beyond. Chens capsule is inspired by Chinese tradition; mindfulness, peace, and the idea that no single being can exist independently. These ideas come together in a boot that proudly embodies the rugged character and 50 years of Timberland toughness. A fearless deep lug sole is ready to tackle the rugged outdoors, while a circular print encompasses the leather upper for a look that sets you apart and makes an emphatic statement. Size 6.5