Ice Queen

March 31, 2014 25

If you were to truly commit to the polar vortex, you would be but a few rolls short of Michelin man, and doomed to waddling the frozen streets until daylight expires.


March 30, 2014 12

Given the exponentially increasing number of beauty inquiries I’ve received over the past six months, I was pretty happy to have the Beauticate team over at my place to do the talking for me.

I am Jessica Gomes

March 28, 2014 36

For somebody who is at a level where one would almost be completely excused for being a through-and-through diva, Jess is well and truly down to Earth and so easy to work with that it’s not even fair.

Bob’s Your Uncle

March 27, 2014 25

And so, for the first time, London is actually back on my list of places to experience with the time demands of work and Fashion Week, despite the rain. I would like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two from my Brit buddies about dressing for the imminent grey that really gets into your bones.