Sitters unknown

November 9, 2015 28

Leibovitz, Dali, Penn and Wilde would all agree: a sitting goes one of two ways. You either receive a constructed projection of how your subject would like for you and the universe at large to perceive them, or the photographer or artist in control projects their interpretation of the person onto the image.

Giddy Up

November 2, 2015 54

Like most nine-year-olds, I had a solid two or three months of extreme equestrian obsession, though probably confined to The Saddle Club (Hello World) and National Velvet.

Deck the Halls

October 28, 2015 25

Being responsible for lighting Swarovski’s QVB tree at tonight’s ceremony was surely a mitigating factor for the speedy approach of a New Year for which I’m not at all mentally prepared.


October 27, 2015 52

Perhaps it’s the frequency at which model-slash-musician-slash-actress-slash is hammered in Hollywood press releases that has turned the world off slashies.