June 24, 2014 18

A few weeks ago, I was the only dork on set pinching myself to be working with some of our most celebrated artists, and a fresh new face from IMG by the name of Erin who is set to impress Riccardo Tisci, because if you’re not getting Givenchy vibes from this bone structure, you’re on the wrong planet.

Riccardo, take note.

Clarke Quay

June 22, 2014 39

The only time you’ll see me in just a dress and heels is if:
(a) it’s too damn hot to deal with anything else, in which case the heels probably wouldn’t even be there)
(b) I’ve lost the plot (indeed, I’m currently wearing a rather generous maxi situation in my frantic cramming for Tuesday morning’s exam) OR
(c) I’m doing filming work and nothing else looks good on camera.

Flora Botanica

June 16, 2014 52

The first thing that comes to mind when a brief says ‘floral story’, is Miranda Priestly.

Not for…