Hey Arnold

September 23, 2014 31

There’s always that one thing about every city that makes your heart beat a little faster – a bit like this skirt. And the ELLE Style Awards.

Fire, Fire

September 6, 2014 44

As a matter of quick update before I have to duck out for a meeting, brace yourselves for a slew of content from both my role with MATCHESFASHION.com this season, and the usual NYFW stomp.

How To: Los Angeles in a Day

August 16, 2014 40

While I’ve been to Los Angeles quite a few times, this was the first time since Uber came into existence. Prior to that, 17-year-old Margaret had thought it ordinary to walk, bus and train the mammoth blocks of the City of Angels. Years later, shock-horrored friends would insist that this was not the way to do LA.

Pyjama Party

July 26, 2014 18

Beyond what Queen Carine tells us to do, does a designer dollar sign sometimes sway us in favour of buying a product because it must be a good look to wear, rather than deterring the purchase because it’s expensive?

My pyjama pants don’t care.