Pyjama Party

Beyond what Queen Carine tells us to do, does a designer dollar sign sometimes sway us in favour of buying a product because it must be a good look to wear, rather than deterring the purchase because it’s expensive?

My pyjama pants don’t care.

Street Level

Where my ‘How-to-look-like-you’re-a-New-Yorker’ guide lists not looking up alongside wearing head-to-toe black, there’s just so much to see at fifteen floors and above.

Waldorf Out

The fact that New York has stood the test of time as one of the world’s most epicentric cities is fascinating to me, as it is to any other twenty-something year old who Instagrams the Empire State Building, announcing their move to the big city, followed by a ridiculous number of heart-eye emojis.

Polar Vortex

Back in the dead of NYC’s polar vortex in February, Stuart Weitzman had surpassed my favourite leathers as pants of the moment.

Ice Queen

If you were to truly commit to the polar vortex, you would be but a few rolls short of Michelin man, and doomed to waddling the frozen streets until daylight expires.


In the same way that dirty snow heaped along West Village sidewalks is undoubtedly a little charming, tying one’s dress to oneself and covering the bulk with a roomy trench is no less impractical.