City of Angels

There’s something comforting about having to frequent a city where you’d never (ever) want to live.

Enter Stage Right

[Rewind to New York City, February 2015.

Set scene: The coldest day in NYC in 80 years.]


It has been silently decided that my stopping by Ryan and Ramon’s sweet midtown studio the day before their show, to dart around models casting and sniff out my favourite look, will be something of a tradition.

Fly Times

Some of Times Square’s seedy charm to complement my seedy, charming flasher coat.

Knock Out

This coat is the solution to your problems. Including leather pant camel-toes.


Swaying to the sweet tunes (quirks) of Kid Cudi in a temporarily converted parking lot in Beverly Hills feels like months ago, but it momentarily fed me some of that vibrantly surreal, heartbeat of Los Angeles that I had, for six years no less, struggled to understand.