Comme d’habitude

It seems otherworldly that walking home from the news stand, sitting in four o’clock traffic, sweating on the Metro and staring out the window at the same tree-lined intersection could never get boring. And that’s coming from somebody who finds it necessary to jump between a trillion different interests on a daily basis just to stay sane.

Bob’s Your Uncle

And so, for the first time, London is actually back on my list of places to experience with the time demands of work and Fashion Week, despite the rain. I would like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two from my Brit buddies about dressing for the imminent grey that really gets into your bones.

Wheels Exchange

Fashion Month costs most of us hundreds of dollars in the most trivial matters.

Arco della Pace

The day after I had a whine about Milano’s dreary weather, the grey cleared up and we had the most glorious 15 Celcius morning – much to my relief, given that I was in full-fledged Italian bare legs and shoulders for a Vogue Sposa shoot, 8:15am sharp.

Sandra and Alberta

By the time I got myself to Alberta Ferretti’s show, I was probably more excited, so to speak, than I had been since trying to convince Kuwait Airlines to waive my 5kg of excess baggage because I was at least 5kg lighter than the average traveler.