Barcelona Blue

A hot and sweaty update from my runnings around in Europe. First stop: Barcelona.


While unpacking from my five and a half weeks abroad, I came to realise that I had essentially worn at least two of the same four pieces just about every other day I’d been on the road – if not more.

Dion in Paris

The real Paris bears the same flavour that made this collection of Dion’s a hit, as can be said for Wang’s latest Balenciaga installment – a classic canvas portrait of a lady, defiantly embellished with street level hardware and industrial reflections a fickle industry.

Quelqu’un m’a dit

No matter where I’m living in ten years time, I will have these French floorboards. And a view of Paris as charming as this balcony’s.

Tous les Jours

There’s something beautiful about breeding the ultimate exclusive with the completely accessible.