Fury Unseen

August 9, 2017 16 Shanghai, China

The show. The photo essays.

Over the past 48 hours, my inboxes across all apps, devices and social platforms have comprised a lot of emphatic “finally”’s. Granted, I was only supposed to be away from home for 3 weeks in May, and ended up being away for 3 months, jobbing continent to continent. More and more, I find it difficult to write on the road without a return flight booked. You’re psychologically unsettled – conscious of the impermanence of your iCal appointments; conscious that your less-than-100mL carry-on liquids are running low; conscious of the nervous tutting of your acupuncturist at the state of your back and jaw tension and digestive points (miscellaneously attributable to laptop time and air travel).

Truthfully, I wanted this post to be the big reveal, with all the change and consolidation already here, so that I could show you what I’ve been developing under the radar over the most part of this year. It feels as if I’ve spent all this time collecting my thoughts, and now that I’ve boarded the final leg back to my apartment and (surely dead) kitchen plants, all my captive introspections have thawed like an Artic shelf time lapse in an Animal Planet documentary, after which David Attenborough declares that Spring [pause for effect] has arrived. And suddenly, I have so much to say.

I’m ok with it if you are.

As I feel you’ve now had sufficient downtime to recover from my consistent reminders of the book, the exhibition, the book, the exhibition, the book,



stereotypes and unrealistic aesthetic demands. Somewhere in the crossfire of perceived perfection, we become trapped in this adopted social skin, shouting silently into the void to nobody in particular about our reluctant acceptance of the skin-deep in favour of character and intelligence and self-expression”.

Last year, my go-to small talk was primarily about distinguishing between what is personal and what is private in an invasive digital universe – to carve out the beneficial function of the web from its frivolities. Now, I’m preaching tactile experiences that incite a clarity that can only come with removing yourself from the deafening chatter of every individual and entity with an opinion, vying for your overcast attention.

That is what I wanted for my exhibition. Being present. Among others, sure – but merely being aware of the collective and its common goal of overcoming that tendency to reach for a distraction when the task at hand is less than smooth sailing. There’s only one photograph in your field of vision. Study it. My curation of my unseen photographic works was not about colourful documentary photos that most have come to associate with my social media accounts.


Margaret Zhang Exhibition - 3

Margaret Zhang Exhibition - 2


Strangely, this exchange has has remained a measure of reality.  If even in LalaLand, we can have this degree of clarity, perhaps there’s hope yet.

[Heads up: I have a few one-off prints left from my UNSEEN exhibition still available to order online HERE

  • Kay Nguyen

    Beautiful photos, I love it! Love your blog <3


  • viktoria

    Incredible photos and post! thanks for sharing


  • jc

    refreshing, truly. i feel this sentiment applies across the board, not just to those who are in the entertainment/fashion industries, though i imagine it hits harder for those who are in the constant eye of public scrutiny and have careers tied to visual presentations.

    One way to perhaps counter this would be for those who are well known, or have some of the power in the industries, to reach out to talent who are not already well-known. None of the jenners, the kloss, palvins, pat mcgrath, rather the lesser known. Otherwise, it seems to become recycled material and plays into the collective mind’s beckoning.

  • A very cool and collective thoughts post … as always, love ❤️ it! :)

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  • This is such an inspirational piece. I’m seeing you grow as an artist and photographer and can’t wait what you’re going to produce next!

  • lauren

    your reading feels like watching a movie frame by frame, iremain inspired by your work


  • fatou diaw

    This is stunning!

  • nishtha jain

    Love reading blogs like this . surely your character and skills and capabilities define you and your clothes pay a major part to it .

  • Strangely, as ‘public’ as this is – it read quite personal and intimate. It’s been a strange past few months for those obsessed with follower counts as they become more warped into the game, but I’ve also noticed that many of us are taking ‘breaks’ from social media and reevaluating what it is that we want to do with social media and the digital world. So, indeed, there’s some hope.

    Safe travels Marg.!

  • Sophie Lee

    Stunning works, it’s so inspired to see all these beautiful arts <3

    xoxo, All about Best Wallets 2017

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Can’t wait to have my hands on your book. You’re super duper talented and inspiring Miss Zang!
    Loved the convo with Sophia. Real talk!

    stay well, xx

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  • Amazing works as always! x

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  • Love your work, love your posts…always well written =)

  • Joy

    your works are so artistic, did you enjoy Shanghai?


  • I love your discussion on social media and your authenticity that you maintained throughout your career. You are inspiration.