London Look

March 12, 2016 52 London, United Kingdom

My overall impression of the UK can basically be summarised in Hogwarts, tea, Business of Fashion, my dad’s Cambridge jersey, Anne Boleyn, Matches and, for reasons unknown, Georgia May Jagger and Kate Moss’ smouldering “get the London look” sass from behind tousled blonde locks.


Somewhat ridiculously, I’ve never spent any time in London outside a work context – loosely translated to being mad about gridlocked traffic trying to get to the Tate Modern and getting stop-start motion sickness from working in the back of the car between shows. I’ve generally stayed at The Edition which is all kinds of charming, and I’d like to think that Jason Atherton’s tasty Berner’s Tavern wares hold some degree of English quintessence. I’ve seen a Sarah Kane play at the National Theatre which 48 people walked out of and everyone else fainted and/or spewed in (is it wrong that I’m proud to have made it all the way through and stomached a hot chocolate afterwards?). Add Hogwarts, tea, Business of Fashion, my dad’s Cambridge jersey, Anne Boleyn, and Matches to the list and, for reasons unknown, Georgia May Jagger and Kate Moss‘ smouldering “get the London look” sass from behind tousled blonde locks.

And there you have it: my overall impression of the UK.

In light of all that, I’m pretty stoked to be having a few days off in London off the back of my Fashion Month marathon. Why I thought I’d be able to survive four and a half weeks of small talk straight after exams is beyond me – and I barely made it but for the French’s hypochondria (getting a hold of antibiotics was uncomfortably easy). But, a few dreamy days exploring and eating my way around London on foot without the false security of a car mobile office, is now all the sweeter following serious (fashion) struggles. And let’s be honest: merely being present for Ghesquière’s emotional Vuitton show, Mrs Prada’s textural genius, Christopher Kane’s conceptua; commentaryAlessandro Michele’s song from the heart and shooting Yeezy at the expense of my eardrums (though the new album is stellar), made it all worth it.

So, as I take off on a flight so short that I wonder how I spent the past 20 years flying the 24-36 hours out of Sydney, here’s to London and what I can cobble together from the slim pickings of my suitcase after a month abroad. As I’ve said a thousand times before, what I wear to buy groceries tends to vary depending on where I am. When in London, I’m perhaps a little more ironic in


my pant-over-skirt layering (by way of boots that look like leggings), slogan tees, and mac jackets to preempt the imminent rain that (even more ironically) doesn’t seem to downpour nearly as often as it does in Paris.

Matches (who basically define how I think everyone in the UK shops) asked if I’d document a few get-ups of what I wore during London Fashion Week this season, answer some questions about my love affair with outerwear and style some looks on their website for circumstances like what I’d wear on laundry day (Look 1), or what I’d wear on a first date (Look 4), or what I’d wear to the gym at 7AM if I needed to go to the post office at 9AM (Look 7).

As luck would have it, in a spectacular moment of fashion absurdity, I wore my DHL tee to FedEx a care package back home to my brother after shows.

I’d like to think that Demna would have appreciated that.



Acne Studios Vallina Cotton Garbadine Trench Coat – Saint Laurent Monochrome Varsity Jacket – SEA Lace-up Corduroy Skirt  – Givenchy Over-the-Knee Boots

ELLERY Troupe Single-Breasted Wool Jacket – Vetements DHL-print Tee – Isa Arfen Frill-Hem Cotton Blend Trousers – Malone Souliers Montana Tri-Colour Leather Pumps Isabel Marant Disk Detail Bracelet  Karen Walker Lunar Flower Patch Sunglasses

shot by yours truly in and around The London Edition

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