Gucci Ghost

Alessandro Michele at the helm of Gucci is a glorious assault on the senses, and a necessary assault on the industry in the most natural, evolutionary manner.

Milan is certainly not one of those European cities that you can explore on foot and organically discover for yourself.Milan is to Rome as, say, Munich is to Berlin. For all its architectural wonder (at least, to the fascinated Australian eye), vibrant fashion industry, and inherent joy in the Italian language, Milan is ultimately a corporate centre. It can seem a fairly unemotional city at first flush – that is, until you’re able to attach your personal relationships and sensory experiences to its sensible streets and straight faces. If you’re here to tick it off your bucket list, there is no question that you need a hit list. Sob at the feet of the feat of humanity that is the Duomo di Milano, walk the Navigli canals at sunset, see a show at Teatro alla Scala, taste Antonio Guida’s genius at Seta at the Mandarin Oriental, have dark chocolate gelato at Cioccolati Italiani, stay up all night, check out at noon, move onNo time to judge. Just another Italian city with stellar carbohydrates and well-furnished designer headquarters.

When you’re in town every 6 months for work, with a lot of time spent in cars, in offices, in studios, and very limited opportunity to indulge in the novelty Italian-ness of Milano, the (major) key to offsetting the constant road rage seems to hinge on reconciling its rich (and almost fantastical) art history with a much grittier youth culture, consuming contemporary art and film, or classical art and film in a contemporary setting – all underpinned by a somewhat 80s Paninaro gang mentality.

It’s pretty easy to draw parallels here with the luxury fashion sector. Luxury brands and houses continue to struggle with the pressure of speaking to younger generations without losing sight of their elevated branding that has, up till now, been maintained by inaccessibility. Of course, the exponential growth of the online information pool has democratised the industry, and thus consumer power to indulge in self-expression.



Even the all-red painted, carpeted and furnished showroom for re-sees of the FW16 collection was a lot to take in, for any brain that has come to accept incessant derivatives of Philo’s minimal lines as normal. It’s an assault on the senses, and a necessary assault on the industry in the most natural, evolutionary manner.

Backstage after the show, a wild-eyed journalist brandished a dictaphone under Alessandro’s nose and demanded to know if his use of a graffiti artist was a protest against the shaky state of an outdated industry. Was it? Was it?

“No. This is just about what is beautiful for all the ways we see beauty,” said Alessandro.

Onwards and upwards for Gucci.












  • mcboodles

    Now I don’t know if I should name my band “Stellar Carbohydrates” or “Uncouth Youth”. So many colors and turns of phrase!

  • Love this story that you have created with your Polaroids, digital images and beautiful writing.


  • This was an eloquently written post on Gucci. Alessandro did right by this famed brand. He definitely evoked a long lost passion in the art of creating while keeping in mind what the storied house is supposed to stand for. He’s creating codes that will define the future! Major love <3 <3 <3


  • Rhea

    Beautiful work and writing Margaret!

  • In terms of content, style, creativity you are totally killing the game, certainly like no other, keep it up!

    Agnes x

  • Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • Lovey Fleming

    Incredible post. Such intriguing atmospheres and bewitching movement~

  • Awesome!!!

    Today I show you my pics and opinions about Ana Locking collection at Fashion Week of Madrid ! ;)
    Kisses from

  • Wow your edits are always stunning and so intriguing!! You are an artist yourself!! And your writing so poetic, beautiful adjectives to bring your messages across to the reader <3

  • alyssa amato

    All of your photos are so stunning. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing! xx

  • Good, thoughtful piece and well accompanied by such rich photos.

  • Love this piece Margaret! Looking forward to more fashion week posts!

  • Gorgeous photography as always! :)

  • I am just in owe of how you put together pictures! Stunning!


  • Shloka Narang

    Such a beautiful way to observe not just a collection but the resurrection of a cult brand – Gucci really has, in simpler words, turned it around. Without focusing on pushing that ‘We are a luxury brand – you need us’ attitude onto its younger consumers, they have instead managed to communicate a message that resonates with the generation with a much larger impact. It’s aspirational again – and it’s aspirational for a whole new base of consumers.

    I love that – to love blindly and to be able to see beauty, just for what it is.

    A gorgeous discourse with some stunning images.


  • beautifully written & gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing

  • March and May

    Oh, such a beautiful photos. And those clothes…ahhh…So much beauty it is to die for.

    March and May

  • fixatedfaiyaz

    Couldn’t agree more with everything you said about the direction of the fashion industry right now. Gucci is totally winning without having to dumb themselves down.

    xx Faiyaz

  • Revolutionary. :)


  • LOVED!

  • Prerna Bhatt
  • What da f*** this post is incredible – I need the contact of your programmer – You even leverage the exquisiteness of Gucci’s show!!

    Check out what makes a Fashion App success at my latest post!!


  • Love that first impress. Love the double exposure. Really sweet!

  • Love it. It’s like an Vogue article

  • Love your writing and the photos are amazing as always!


  • I’m in love with these images, this collection, and everything that you have to say.

  • Amazing as always! :)


    Wow our writing is so eloquent. Love the bit about Milan to rome being like munich to berlin.

  • Your writing style is so captivating, and the way you composed the layout of all of your photos is ingenious!

    xo Soo |

  • My favourite post so far, so as this Gucci AW 16/17 collection. The colour, texture and pattern choice were gorgeous and his advanced styling skills is something to look up to. Hands down – he was the best. :)
    Margaret, you keep inspiring me with your photography – pure joy to look at it!

  • Margaret you are truly brilliant! I learn something new every time I read your blog. I really love listening to your insight and understanding about the future of the fashion industry, especially when it comes to attracting customers in the long-run. And I loooove the images in this post; the combination of photos and video is amazing.

  • So many beautiful pictures to look at. It’s a real pleasure, keep it up!

    D. ❤

  • Wow the media on this post is … there are no words but I guess amazing will have to do.
    Your creativity has no parallel


  • Shweta Shah

    You definitely captured the look you were going for in those polaroids. So much passion and hard work is reflected in your posts! Inspiring!

  • Shivan Patel (Gathum)

    EEK sucha beautiful Gucci collection <3

    Check me out for some editorial too

  • Sherry

    I agree… contemporary fashion sense has been diluted by the mass marketing, and salute to those who strive to preserve the art.

  • neha goyal

    It’s extremely beautiful blog which has been shared over here.

  • Felix Amador

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