January 18, 2016 58 Sydney, Australia

My dearest friends are pretty radical human beings.

I’m so very proud to know them.




Contrary to the presumed illusion of over-sharing online, not a whole lot of my actual personal life ends up on social media (unless it’s hysterical). There’s always a line. To stay sane, you need the separation of your emotional perspective and the outward facing persona you present to the world. That is not to say that your character is to be completely split – the thought processes are still exactly the same. Some things are more exciting if they’re all yours, undiluted by millions of faceless opinions hiding behind phone and computer screens.

All that said, my dearest friends are pretty radical human beings, and I’m so very proud to know them. They’re the real deal: I could sit and talk to any of them for hours on end over avo on toast, and still have more to say and learn when we’re half asleep and incoherent. They’re wildly intelligent, kind, and tolerate my dad jokes. The best part is that this is not some squealing and exclusionary girl squad. Very few of these guys know each other. They’re all in different fields, at different stages of their lives, and scattered across every corner of the globe.

i-D asked me to shoot a portrait series of them all, so here they are.


wearing Rebecca Taylor Paisley Dress

All photos by Margaret Zhang