Gucci Girl

January 15, 2016 51 Perth, Australia

If I’m shooting wide angle, it needs to be dynamic in context. Hong Kong, or Paris, or Bonifacio.

Or Alessandro Michele.

In Perth.



Why hello to my first photo work of the year – a story I’m super proud of, at that. As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve been experimenting a lot more with wider angles rather than telephoto, which is unusual for me. In the past, I’ve only really been inclined to capture a broader scene when the surrounding architecture is so intricate and historically awe-inspiring that it would be sacrilegious not to bring it in on the story. Unless it’s a tableau, I’m not a huge fan, for instance, of the wide-angle on a beach, or in a setting with a lot of metal and glass around. The former feels too Sports Illustrated, and the latter feels very 2001 and painfully glossy lifestyle magazine that dabbles in fashion content to the extent of statement belts and highly peeptoe shoes. No – if we’re shooting wide, it needs to be dynamic in context. Hong Kong, or Paris, or Bonifacio.

Which was not quite the situation here.

On the contrary – we shot this on a particularly sweaty afternoon in Perth, down a humble alleyway across from Gucci’s new store on bustling and high-shine King St. I hadn’t been back to the city since I was 11, with braces and nerd frames, competing in a national problem solving competition.

Go figure.

Fast forward 11 years, and I’m still a nerd (and, trivia: still wear a retainer after dark), but shooting Aussie beauty Lauren Brown in one of the best collections to come out of the European collections in 2015. Alessandro’s gold standard is a hard one to live up to – not just for designers. It takes a particular mindset to photograph garments as directional as the past three Michele collections – and to that, I have a huge amount of respect for the stories that Glen Luchford has been able to tell in all of his campaigns for the new Gucci.

I hope you love this story as much as we enjoyed capturing these moments in motion.

Thanks team.