Rachel Comey

March 29, 2015 30

A few late night favourite first scans out of the pile of Fashion Month prints I picked up this afternoon.

In a digital age of instantaneous gratification, there are few things more exciting than getting your film prints back after several weeks of not knowing what your photos looked like. I do often miss the darkroom for that reason – watching an image materialise to the sound of running water, and the strangely therapeutic repetition of rubber tongs in and out of pungent chemical baths.

I digress.

A few of my favourite frames upon a first flick through of a sizable pile (and so a speedy, slightly light-leaked scan job) are these three from a visit to a frozen afternoon visit to Rachel Comey‘s dreamy NYC space with the MATCHES team. I’ve come to love Rachel’s generously roomy outerwear and expertly muted fall colour palettes since I first lusted after her signature leather ankle boots years ago, when I still had long hair, and was still working on a PC (god forbid).


Like Dries Van Noten or Marni, say, I definitely feel that Rachel Comey is a brand and lifestyle that a woman grows into once she learns to be comfortable in her own skin and insecurities, beyond which point the apparel and most of the shoes become essentially ageless. There will never be a time when you won’t need beautifully tailored denim, a durable blouse, tan leather, and a loudly understated coat to engulf whatever Mum jeans and button-down situation you have going on underneath. For this Fall/Winter collection, I was particularly a fan of the brand’s dramatic expansion in textures (namely into an interesting laminated and embossed leather) and shoe styles (while I have yet to commit to any kind of flatform bandwagon, I wholly appreciate Rachel Comey’s chunky wedges that are just about halfway there.

Rachel Comey current season available at MATCHESFASHION.COM