Enter Stage Right

March 15, 2015 53

[Rewind to New York City, February 2015.

Set scene: The coldest day in NYC in 80 years.]


Aloha. We’re back in action.

[Rewind to New York City, February 2015.

Set scene: The coldest day in NYC in 80 years. Electronic devices freeze up and shut down upon contact with Midtown tunnel winds. Wilfredo* offers Major his spare coat. Car radio blares: “Do not go outside unless absolutely necessary”. 

The Calvin Klein show is absolutely necessary.]

Here begins the whirlwind roundup of a whirlwind five weeks abroad in five cities, working with MATCHES, and chipping away at a few other projects. The majority of you would have been following said adventures on Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. For those who haven’t, brace yourselves: it’s about to get chilly up in here. I, for one, had never, in my entire two decades of existence, been as bloody cold as I was in New York. For my compulsive layering, this was a slightly twisted dream come true – literally strapping everything in my suitcase to my Heattech-wrapped body, and embracing the outstanding bulk.  For my face and cuticles, the cutting winds and intense dehydration was less advantageous, no matter how much coconut oil I just about bathed in. Cold comrades suggested I try wearing make-up as a shield against the gale force action, but unfortunately for me, I preferred the extra half hour of sleep over bleary mirror time.

Yes, there were street style seekers dancing over mounds of snow with exposed knees, exposed toes, exposed arms, and god forbid, completely bare legs and Summer dresses. Yes, it was all a damn lie. Yes they are now nursing some severe frostbite, even if they had a well-heated car waiting for them directly outside the show.

Or something.

As a result, my coat investment on the outerwear spectrum of “Transeasonal” to “Would Never Ever Be Able To Wear In Australia” shot up three fold to the later end of the scale. Woolly suitcase-filler (more accurately, “spiller”) numéro uno was this Preen heartbreaker that I’d been mercilessly stalking for months.


Enter stage right 60% off, and it was a no-brainer. Then its cuter Spring sister came into the picture. Cue FOMO, later eliminated by Arctic mercury. As a mobile khaki bear hug, it essentially masked any kind insulation bulk, for which my sartorial ego is eternally grateful.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Skylar Oversized Wool Coat (currently 60% off at MATCHESFASHION.com also available in beige cotton-twill) – Dion Lee Leather Jacket and Shadow Block TopTibi Oversized ShirtCamilla and Marc Drop Crotch PantsSENSO Talulah BootsGivenchy Lucrezia Bag – Pared Eyewear SunglassesUNIQLO Heat Tech Thermals (three damn pairs)

Shot outside Tribeca Grand Hotel: highly recommend the Belgian Waffles for weekend brunch at The Lounge downstairs. Major agrees.

*The best Lexus driver in the history of Fashion Week