The One That I Want

That Sunday surf scent situation… if that can even be a situation.



emotional gazes into the distance – nor would anybody, for that matter. She’s really one of a kind. I do think, though, that Lo-Fang’s track would flow just as well with this dark and moody series. D‘accord?

On a surfing note, does anybody have any solid recommendations for full-length wetsuits? I definitely prefer my short one, but bruised knees and elbows are getting a little to blue to conceal on shoots.

Nike Sports Bra, Adrenaline Short Wetsuit, CHANEL No 5.

shot on Nikon D600 with 85mm lens

  • IESHA The Label

    Beautiful Black and White photos’s. Best wetsuit’s are Rip Curl, Not as pretty as Chanel but the best for surfing!

  • Laura Lama F.

    Awesome black & white photos!


  • Those photos are beyond amazing! And I absolutely agree: somehow the essay I write a day before the deadline is always better than the one I spent weeks on!

  • Rachael

    Use Mendeley ( for referencing – saves you hours and it’s free x

  • Avanti

    Gorgeous photography Margaret! I love how you always have a little story in your blogposts.
    Congratulations on your TV show as well.


  • Amanda

    Love these photos and the honest prose. I do remember the good old Impulse days…

  • SO cool! Love these black and white photos<3

  • Love these shots!

  • Nina Ng

    I love these pictures! Totally agree that the Lo-Fang cover would be great if this pics were a video :D

  • Bernadette Williams

    These are beautiful Margaret. Love your interpretation. And totally agree on that graduation of a scent thing – I used to wear Rexona and gradually moved on up to Chanel too! Not at No 5 yet (still Coco) but I think I’m going to buy myself a bottle next week when I get paid!

  • Vanessa

    the last two pictures should be in a coffee table book. SO thought provoking.

  • Love the shots! So artistic!!


  • Tina

    Try Agent Eighteen for the wetsuit. I enjoy reading your blog and love the photos.

  • Elshakrist

    Cool! Really cool artwork <3

    The Mad Shopper’s Dressing Room

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  • StyleNonsense

    I agree completely, I have like a month left until I have to submit my work for this term and I still feel so relaxed. Nonetheless, I am still ahead!

  • Maya Swan

    Another beautiful post! Keep up the exquisite work!



    -Maya Swan

  • Nicholas Yee

    These photos are so clean! And I totally have that song stuck in my head too!

    • rhiannon butler

      Me too! Such a Lo-Fang fan

  • Kaja

    this post is so much cooler and way more natural than any other fragrance collaboration I’ve seen on other blogs :)

  • The one I want too



  • birdekko

    amazing interpretation. I’m loving it Margaret! xx

  • Lauren

    Have to say, the beginning of this post has made me feel so much better about my current lack of preparation for Equity and Corps.

    And these are stunning photos — I’m more a no. 19 person, but I keep telling myself that one day I’ll love no. 5 too!

    • Equity and Corps are doing my head in! So much textbook, so little time!

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried No. 19… on the cards ;) X

  • Such a stunning editorial. So creative!


  • Love your pictures Margaret!

  • Thuy Pham

    love that photo of you x

  • AMillionPinks
  • Okay. It’s official now. I adore your blog and your work.

  • L’Amoureux

    lol this is not even No. 5, it’s eau premiere.

  • neha goyal

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