MEET: Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is one of those magnetic personalities. Not in a self-assertive, ostentatious, wild-hand-gesture-deep-in-debate kind of way. Not even in a mysterious, unsettlingly spiritual manner.

With Tara, it is what it is.

What you see is what you get.

Plus a few extra good vibes.




For those of you who’ve been asking why my past couple of days have been in Seminyak, Bali, instead of London’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway action, this shoot with this babe is it.

Meet Tara Stiles.

Tara is one of those magnetic personalities. Not in a self-assertive, ostentatious, wild-hand-gesture-deep-in-debate kind of way. Not even in a mysterious, unsettlingly spiritual manner. With Tara, it is what it is. What you see is what you get – plus a few extra good vibes. I will admit that, given her evident love of tie-dye and pineapple pants on Instagram (partially, I’m sure, fueled by a very successful ongoing collection with Reebok), I had initially planned my styling references for this shoot around a much more print-clashed, extensively layered,

tropicana concept. Upon meeting Tara, however, it became quite evident that streamlined monochrome by the sea would be infinitely more compatible than red-lipped frolicking in the W‘s bright and poolside canopy beds.

The pineapple pants could stay. But don’t think you’ve gotten out of Carmen Miranda just yet, Stiles.

Likewise, this is essentially the approach she has taken to her Strala Yoga empire based out of New York City. Throughout all the classes I took with Tara over the weekend, it was never about pushing yourself too hard and fast, or being judged by fellow yogis, or complicated phrases you don’t understand. With every pose, Tara stressed the importance of what felt good for your body. No pressure – see what you’re capable of; build on that each time the position comes around.

As to that grand and burning life question of what goes on in the health and well-being space online, the same applies, said Tara between headstands. You know more than anybody what works and what doesn’t work for your body. True, it will take some trial and error, but you shouldn’t be afraid of that process. Consistency is paramount, but more than anything, don’t take on every diet, exercise craze, or supplement that promises to be your quick fix to walking Victoria’s Secret. Gluten-free, or Cross Fit, or raw vegan, might work perfectly for your roommate’s abs, but as much as you hate to hear it, no one body is the same, and nobody can tell you what you should be doing better than you.

Again, do what feels right, said Tara.

Even if it takes a while to find that.


I guess that’s what the retreat series Tara has partnered with a range of exotic W hotels on is promoting. You have the freedom to fit her classes into your lifestyle as you see fit (partying or detoxing alike). There’s no forced food-elimination, or liquids-only, or alcohol-abstinence – just a few early starts and a bit of physical dedication.

But, of course, you’ll have to try it out for yourself.

All I know is that Tara was so easy to shoot, given her background as a dancer (movement makes such a difference when a telephoto lens is in play), so easy to talk to, and an excellent businesswoman if I ever did see one. These shots and pineapple pants are a testament to that.



  • Loving the leather cut skirt and the geometric crop top. Beautiful post!

  • Helena hi

    Margaret I LOVE this post! I’m such a fan of Tara’s (OMG that body) and I think it’s super cool that you scored this gig to shoot something that isn’t generic fashion editorial. Something a bit different for her too! Need seen her so stylised! Are you going to work with her on the next retreat too?

  • Georgina

    Where can I get those Reebok leggings?

    • Kimberly Byers

  • Avanti

    Love this photo shoot! You styled Tara beautifully.
    Love the Intermix split skirt.


  • Tara Stiles is one of those I aspire to be. Graceful, strong, soft, beautiful in and out. She’s evidently a great teacher from her videos, the way she encourages us to try after listening to our body. You captured the exact essence!

  • Michèle

    very impressive photographies

  • These photos are amazing.

    xx Cheyenne

  • Gorgeous, refreshing photos and Tara is such a beautiful model, I’ve been reading all about her classes from this posts!

  • These photos are breathtaking – definitely justified missing LFW to shoot Tara!

    XO Greta |

  • These photos are so so beautiful! Great work :)

  • Vanessa

    oh wow that’s so amazing that you got to work with Tara! You’re my favourite fashion person, and she’s my favourite fitness person! What a match! These pics capture her beautifully. you have such an eye.

  • Terrier98

    the sand between her toes in the second last picture is so cute!

  • Incredible pics!!

  • Bernadette Williams

    Hey Margaret – I’m actually hoping to make it to the Maldives retreat in December. Will you be there? It would be such a bonus if you were!

    • dahlia o’neill

      OH my goodness me too! It’s on my birthday and I’ve always wanted to see the Maldives. Marg x Tara round two would be so cool!

  • Gina

    hehe pineapple pants – do you know where I can buy them?

  • Looking so good, so editorial! Its always a joy to read your post!


  • Beautiful movements! So breathtaking!

    Sophia |

  • Beautiful images!

  • Nico

    Wow, amazing and inspiring!

    Special necklaces with animals on lb-lc fashion blog

  • monkeyshines
  • What an elegant woman, she must have been fantastic to shoot….such great energy!

    x x x

  • Rochelle Austin

    Oh these pics are absolutely stunning. I’ve been watching Tara’s videos for years, she’s such an inspiration! Love that black dress.

  • charmystique

    Such gorgeous, gorgeous pictures that evoke feeling! Love each and every one. She’s definitely a woman who’s comfortable in her skin and at ease with herself. Just the type of person we all should aim to be.

  • Amazing editorial Margaret! Thanks for sharing this. What an inspiring woman!

  • Sharon Lee

    I always loved her yoga videos, that really helps me a lot in progressing step by step and maintain focused. Nothing more exciting to hear you have photographed her! Both beauty and the brain, loving these pictures! :)

  • Amazing styling Margaret! i love the sleek ethereal vibes that seem to emanate from your photographs!

  • Veena

    These pictures are works of art. The breathtaking poses in B&W really bring out a lot of feeling! The outfits are amazing too – fantastic post.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  • Rosie

    I have been working out to Tara’s yoga videos and podcasts for years.. this woman radiates a powerful calm and total healthy happy vibes. And she is like.. super strong!!!

  • Francesca

    This is the best thing and so so beautiful. I’ve been an admirer of Tara for years! She’s awesome.


  • Equal M_E

    breath taking & calm


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