August 24, 2014 25

Sunday night moodboarding of a different kind.

cartier-edit copy

cartier-edit copy

My usual referencing process for editorial shoots is neither terribly pretty, nor terribly extensive. More often than not, it involves a few Pantone cards, some hasty scribblings on loose notepaper on my way to class, with sweet nothings like “Winona Ryder vibes” or “surprised pirate sexbomb” (even I’ve forgotten their meanings by the time shoot day rolls around), and the odd magazine tear for framing and posing reference on the day. The rest is organic, and I like it that way – it keeps you thinking, and a team creative.

This afternoon, however, having left all such scraps of importance in my car (that Major then drove to hell knows where, for the day), I was left with my favourite issue of MATCHES’ Style Report, an immense number of eyeshadows I never seem to use, and the ultimate amulette, around which I’m planning a beauty and skincare editorial, and thus our referencing predicament in the first place.

To that, here’s my hot tip for the week to come: if you’re ever stuck on what coloured shirt to wear with your royal blue culottes, the answer is off-white, because Kevyn Aucoin said so. Everything in your make-up bag can effectively be your colour wheels to live by – product development teams have just done the hard-yards for you.

Meanwhile, consider this a sneak peek for something that should be exceptionally beautiful.

Now, go to bed.*

Cartier Amulette Necklace and Panthère Fragrance

Dior, i-Divine, Kevyn Aucoin and NARS Eyeshadow Palettes

*I hate to be brief – I have twenty-one looks to style for a shoot tomorrow, and I have yet to begin – oops…