Natural Habitat: Jessica Gomes

Who would we be to talk about conservation of natural habitats if not about our iconic Australian beaches? And, how could we shoot our most iconic Bondi in the absence of our own Aussie icon, Jessica Gomes?



Who would we be to talk about conservation of natural habitats if not about our iconic Australian beaches? And, how could we shoot our most iconic Bondi in the absence of our own Aussie icon, Jessica Gomes?

(Nobody and not at all, are the correct answers).

For any coastal Australians, and awestruck tourists alike, the ocean is our happy place. There is nothing more therapeutic and remedial than a swim in some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Just as we are the first to declare as many celebrities as possible as our own (even if they’re from New Zealand…), our white sands and crystal clear waters are our claim to fame.

Indeed, whenever Jess is in Sydney, she is sure to get in her workouts, goes for walks and ocean swims at the beach as much as a hectic schedule as a jaw-dropping (and hard-working) glamazon will allow. Luckily for her, a good portion of her shoots are on location by the sea, and back home in Perth, her local is Cottesloe Beach.

Now, while I haven’t had the good fortune to see a Cottesloe sunset (yet), we chose Jess’ natural habitat, at least, when she’s not zipping around the world, to shoot my second editorial installment for David Jones’ green brands, ahead of World Environment Day. How could we not? Jess knows how to work soft sand, sunlight and wet hair like no other.

With a population growth rate that exceeds our efforts in conservation, Jess, as I, as anyone who has the good fortune of getting up in the morning and jumping in the ocean without having to check pollution or trash levels, is adamant on the matter of protecting our favourite stretches of sand, “because they are a sacred part of the Australian lifestyle.” Regardless of the foot traffic, any section of coastline between Jess’ Palm Beach, Cottesloe, and Bondi favourites, deserves as much protection as they’ve given us quiet sandy days, picnicking and surfing till we prune. “It’s so important for future generations to have clean oceans and beaches to enjoy and they are a huge part of what makes Australia so beautiful.”

Word is law.



  • Gorgeous photographs of Jessica. Lovely post Margaret!

  • Darleen M

    Australians may value their beaches but according to this ( and other media the rest of the world sees you’re not that far off from having to soon check for pollution etc.

    • Guest

      I don’t understand the point of your comment – are you trying to devalue Australian beaches? By all means environmental conservation isn’t perfect in Australia, but I she made a point of that in the article. Also, don’t forget that the coastline stretches over 25,000km and that a few areas that struggle with huge numbers of tourists don’t represent the rest of Australia. My local coastline is mighty fine and I think we have every right to claim our beaches as a national icon.

      • Darleen M

        I don’t think she emphasized this enough. The issue with most events that highlight the environment these days is that they all end as feel good posts when in reality things are going to shit. The half of a sentence in which Margaret barely states the lack of consistent conservation is not enough for me. That’s why I commented. I did not refer to tourists, or you not having the right to claim beaches as iconic so the rest of your response is irrelevant.

        • margaretzhang

          Don’t you worry, @darleenm:disqus – I have plenty of environmental conservation spiel left for you yet. World Environment Day isn’t here yet – that will be my real essay. These are just taste tests…

          • Darleen M

            I look forward to this Margaret! Keep it up.

  • These photographs are beyond stunning, Margaret!

  • Chanty

    Just wonderful! Your message translates to your beautiful photographs!

  • Avanti

    You do an excellent job of taking beautiful natural photos. Jessica looks gorgeous here which is a credit to your skill and eye for photography!


  • CassB

    Absolutely stunning. Your photography skills really shine through Margaret… mind blown xx

  • Maddie James/

    She looks stunning!!! You are one talented woman MZ

  • Lauren Su

    Wooow her skin tone is amazing :0

  • ahhh Jessica is beautiful as is your photography!

  • Those cheekbones!

  • oh my, love these photos:)

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  • Jess is simply breath taking! This is another great set in your natural habitats project.

    -Asia Monique

    • margaretzhang

      Really glad you’re enjoying it X

  • Congrats on such gorgeous shoots!!!! & I want that skintone…

  • Jess looks flawless in these shoots. Australia is unique on its own and like no other. Beach hair, healthy sun tan glow, and a bikini body is the way to go. These shoots are motivating. I wana work out!

    • margaretzhang

      Right!? Gomes is out of control on the body scale X

  • So pretty! Love it!

  • Chelsea Dunstan

    Congrats on this campaign! All the photos look so beautiful

  • O the hype

    I`m trying really hard to find Jess attractive, & generally I find asians really hot (even halfies), but she’s ok looking but that`s about it. I`ve seen better….


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