Mon Monogram

My favourite dot coms of the minute (that may or may not be instrument to exam study procrastination).

Students are curious creatures, are they not? In the absence of any real life excitement during exams, we turn to the internet for compassionate peers who are just as susceptible to the vortex of viral shark videos, online sales, sad (sob) movie trailers, and everything on Buzzfeed. Ever.

And we’re not ashamed. Procrastination happens to the best of us, and happens for the better. When else are you going to find Louise in pink? Or Balmain boots for 700 dollars? Or teacup pigs called Kevin? After 25 minutes of floating in the ether, we come back to our books twice as focused and materially fulfilled. Am I right? Am I right?

So, I thought I’d confess to a few of my favourite sites for said browsing addictions for the semester (and the season, if you want to get all fashion like that).

1. Louis Vuitton Australia:

This corner of luxury comes first purely because I have been wanting an MZ monogrammed something well before Vuitton launched its Australian e-commerce site a few weeks ago. I also may or may not have sat on their Mon Monogram service for a good half hour study break today, trying to justify a belated 21st birthday present to myself with my next paycheck (or five), and wondering whether, like Jay Gatsby to his damned green light, shaking my pennies around hand-painted leather would sever aspirational ties with Vuitton forever.

The answer? Probably not –  Ghesquière at the helm is already weaving all sorts of magic into my future income.

That, and the existence of vintage monogrammed trunks: can we talk about this incredible load that Alex and I stumbled on while lost in Marché Dauphine the last time we were in Paris?

The saga continues.




Meanwhile, my current MZ is doing too much heavy-lifting to last too much longer – at least, on its own. Having the latest it thing is no longer enough. We need to tell the world (or cabin crew) that it’s ours (all ours). We’ve graduated from every size of Donald Duck shaped name tags my Mother attached to my possessions (and my person) during my first years of primary school – only for a much more sentimental and/or indulgent purpose.

But hey, I’m all for it.

Perhaps I’ll only need the one epic carry-on for longhaul flights from here on out?

2. The Coveteur

The first time these kids dropped bombs on my radar, I was giggling at their mini Fashion Diva relaunch video. For the same reason that Instagram is ridiculously successful, Jake, Stephanie and the team do such a brilliantly luxe job of giving the world a look into people’s creative spaces and wardrobes. As a creative, I find this amazing – in such an intimate environment, it can be pretty easy to look bland and documentary, over capturing the personality that these guys manage to communicate.

What I love more, is that the range of influencers they shoot is so broad in industry and geographical location, that it unites the most mammoth of reality TV stars with that girl on that streetstyle blog with cool hair, under one umbrella of a passion for beautiful possessions, taking care of those possessions, and knowing oneself so well, that their home (and even hotel room on the go) becomes a reflection of their style.

3. Portfolio (below)

Granted, I don’t really spend a lot of time staring a photos I’ve already spent too long staring at on a screen or on set, but I’ve only just recently flicked the switch for my styling and photography portfolio to go live, and it’s quietly buzzing away in the background for the time being, until I get my act together and sort out the

editorials I’ve shot in the past month. I’m still not fully sold on the layout either – what do you guys think?

4. Booodl (below)

I’ve been uploading and organising things to Booodl for a couple of months now, and the best way I can describe it, for my use of it anyhow, is Cher Horowitz’ closet. Having my whole wishlist and existing possessions in the one place is as good as it sounds (particularly given that the majority of my garment accumulation is still in boxes since I moved earlier this year). I’m going to count as a blessing in advance for when I start packing essentials for July abroad.

Study break’s up.

Over and out.

Louis Vuitton ‘Framboise’ Chain Louise Pochette

Beats by Dre x Alexander Wang Headphones

Sodashi Brightening Mineral Mask

My Violet Floral Arrangement by Myra Perez

Case Scenario Marble Case

Atelier Lumia Tuscan Fig Candle

RODIN olio lusso Body Oil

Aesop Facial Serum

Prada D-Frame Sunglasses

Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch

Louis Vuitton Men’s iPad Mini Folio

Wanderlust & Co Jewellery



  • So beautifully curated as always Marg. Love seeing your style reflected so simply yet precisely. A x

  • These are just beautiful. Great list! I love the Coveteur as well. x

  • Avanti

    Oh dear Margaret! Looks like I won’t get to my books until I have fully explored each of those websites!


  • This is like procrastination inception – reading about procrastinating is procrastination at its finest! :D

    • margaretzhang

      Haha good (or bad?) to hear, Bri!

  • JOK

    Cool list! I love Coveteur


  • Rougeuse

    That seems so familiar! x

  • monkeyshines
  • Beautiful! Love it:)

  • Procrastination is definitely an import part of productivity! I have recently finished my exams, but in the depths of revision I found myself searing ‘Jelly Fish’ on Google images… for half an hour. Don’t ask me why, or how I got there, but I did! Following that I worked solidly for the rest of the day! Thank you Mr. Jelly Fish!!! Good luck with your exams lovely, I hope they’re all over seen!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Feyi A
  • Pri

    Booodl looks interesting… Is it like Pinterest?

  • Nina Ng

    Hey Margaret – how long does shipping take on LV’s Australian site, do you know? Do they ship from stores here, or from Paris?? Thanks!

  • Yiota

    I think your portfolio site looks great!!! Did you do it yourself? It looks very very professional. Also, thanks for the Vuitton heads up – I didn’t even know that they had launched here… did they have ads out or anything? My 30th is coming up and I think I’m going to treat myself to some monogramming too. You should do it! My sister has the Monogrammed passport holder and it’s super cute. I have a carry-all that I think I might get monogrammed…

  • Bernadette Williams

    Hey MZ have you been shot by The Coveteur yet!? I’m dying to see your wardrobe. By the looks of your still life posts, it looks pretty awesome!

  • Zarita DLAVE

    I was having the same conversation with mum the other day – how young is too young to have LV? I guess it depends how much you’re working and whether you deserve it (which I think you do). P.S. I just ordered that phone case. It’s SO AMAZING!!!!!

  • Your BLOG is procrastination for me ! :) What a stunning layout and the imagery is gorgeous. I just love it !

  • We now live in a world that’s used to instant gratification. Kudos to you Marg, you still strike that balance. :) I would say this over and over, but I just love the ambiance of your blog! It’s my go to site for my daily fix, just like a cup of coffee. <3 Good luck with your remaining exams.

  • Sofia Soloveva

    your are amazing. So perfect job, so beautiful site and so inspiring texts. With a lot of love <3

    White Russian blog

  • Nika
  • Cecile

    I saw your post on Tumblr and I think you should definitely get a Mon Monogram carry-all bag! You’re so accomplished, and you deserve it as a 21st gift to yourself. Not many 21 year olds run a successful career to the point where they are able to reward themselves like this! :)

  • Tales of Two

    And your website is the best procrastination tool for me :p Also can we take a minute to acknowledge how amazing and unique your layout is? Would love to do something like this for my own blog! Definitely inspired!

  • Jennifer G

    i say go for it – i mean, the mon monogram products are so much more value for money than the collection pieces?!?!?!

  • Chelsea Dunstan

    WOW love this photo series – never heard of Booodl before, but going to check it out. Is it like Pinterest, or is it not as shared?

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  • The Coveteur is everything! Love reading up on who’s closet they’ve raided. Your portofolio: dope.

  • I need those sunglasses. And the bag. And the oil…and the candle please. :D

  • Kayla

    What are you majoring in the University of Sydney? You should write a post about your life and how you do what you do now. Unless there already is one… A lot of people seem to look up to you, as well as me and I am in high school. I would really like to do what you do. Thinking of going to the University of Sydney.

  • such beautiful layouts! I always find I procrastinate more during exam period, simply because I’m at home constantly

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