Natural Habitat: Keep Cup, Carry On

A day in the life of my innards.

Being a closet foodie (let’s face it – I Instagram more food than you’re comfortable with), one of my most frequently asked questions is what a day in the life of my innards looks like, because a day in the life of my bedroom doesn’t quite cut it.* I’m not a nutritionist, and I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about superfoods, even less what they do to your body, but my Mother has always said that when you sit down for any meal, and you’re not putting at least four different foods (preferably from different food groups) into your mouth, then you’re doing it wrong. This is why stupid fads like the cabbage diet don’t work – where are all the other nutrients at? Keep it well-rounded.

More importantly, keep it fresh – an eight-year-old’s logic is that fresh food is better than packet food. It hasn’t been as processed (although, it’s hard to tell with supermarkets now, isn’t it?**), so most of the nutritional value of the produce in its natural form is still there. Furthermore, you’re cutting out all the would-be land-fill and carbon emissions that come with packaged, frozen, chemically-treated food – miniscule in the grand 15,000 metric tonne scheme of things, yes, but one night of Sydney’s frozen pizzas later, we’re onto something.

As to the inclusion of my Keep Cup, aside from its appropriate neon colours and so recurring throwback to equally cute sipper bottles from my hey-day in the 90s

school yard (flannel around waist, no less), we’re sitting in the same vein. Where what you put in your body is equal parts selfish as it is beneficial to your natural habitat, not needing a new paper cup for your coffee every damn morning isn’t even an issue of going out of your way to help someone out (which, I would still urge you to do, because love makes the world go ’round) – it just makes sense. According to Keep Cup, if all of us actually remembered to bring a reusable coffee cup to our favourite caffeine digs at least two or three times a week (as opposed to… never), we’d cut usage 450 million paper cups in a year, and we’d be hugging an extra 110, 000 trees.

Admittedly, I’m an emotional creature with a tendency to be swayed by mammoth statistics and a greater concern for how cute animals are going to survive when we screw up their natural habitats with our paper cups, than the survival of the human race (because when it comes to looking after things, we kind of suck). But, for the rest of you who didn’t cry when Al Gore’s polar bear drowned,*** I put it to you that there’s no harm in eating fresh food, and even less harm in using a reusable coffee cup. So, give it a go, and let me know when you start feeling awesome about yourself, your stomach, your backyard, and the polar bears.

*though, come to think of it, I should really do a day in the life of my wardrobe post, huh.

**ergo, get thee to a farmer’s market – it’s also cheaper.

***while the scientific legitimacy of Gore’s timeline for mass polar bear death is questionable, you can’t say that human activity hasn’t had any detrimental effects on a lot of delicate ecosystems


Coconut Yoghurt with Bananas, Strawberries and Raspberries

Keep Cup from David Jones

Ruby Grapefruit

Kiwifruit and Pomegranate on a Cracker


Berry, Coconut Yoghurt and Maca Smoothie with Chia Seeds and Pepitas


Anemone blooms by My Violet

Strawberries, Cherry Tomatoes and Raspberries

Avocado and Tomatoes on a Cracker



shot on Nikon D600 with 85mm f//1.8G

  • Nina Ng

    This is so cute!! You’re really creative with your still lifes. I also never really thought about that whole Paper Cup situation… looking at the stats on the website now and it’s pretty crazy…

  • Vanessa

    YAY I have (weirdly) ALWAYS wanted to know the kinds of things you eat to stay HEALTHY and FIT like you are.

  • priyanka gupta

    omg that drowning polar bear gets me every time :'(

  • Bernadette Williams

    lol so true ’bout frozen pizzas! i went organic a month ago and i have so much less rubbish, hey.

  • Avanti

    I love seeing the interesting food you post on Instagram. I have to ages that it is really important to eat healthy food and to look after the environment at the same time.
    I wish politicians shared the same view.


  • Michèle

    you are always taking the most beautiful photos

  • Francesca

    So so pretty and so so yummy! (Also I AM comfortable with the amount of food Instagram pics you post ;)


  • How on earth do you eat so well during exams!? Every semester I make new promises, but by the end of the second week when I’m staring down the barrel of Jurisprudence 2.0 the Twisties come out. :(
    This beautiful pic is good inspiration though! :)

  • Lovely assortment of foods. Very well-balanced, nutritious, & colorful, which is a good sign when it comes to (natural) food. :] // ☼

  • Chanty

    I love how well you put two and two together from a food flat lay post, you’re perspective to things are always vast! Reality bites, I love how you can also inspire not only regarding food or fashion but things that matter to everyone.

  • Hungry all over again looking at this…exactly how I feel when looking at your Instagram! Lol. great post.

    -Asia Monique

  • Queen of the flatlays :-) This one is delicious x

  • Love this article!

  • I haven’t had star fruit in so long! Suddenly craving :P

  • Chelsea Dunstan

    yum! I’ve never tried chia seeds and pepitas together – must do that.

    P.S. I’m buying a Keep Cup online – which size is yours?

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  • sahar


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