A Farfetched Story

April 2, 2014 31

Being Generation Y, a hybrid of bricks-and-mortar and online retail is the ideal situation – the degree of #FOMO is just too high when on foot in physical stores, and the dollar bills are not yet so free-flowing that we can #YOLO our way through every quirky boutique in London.

Fittingly pursuant to my British lessons in mashing print, it would appear that it remained my modus operandi until I left for Milan (after which the eyeliner came out to play). That, and a penchant for navy outerwear – screw your shades of grey. While I explored that foolproof London layering formula in my previous stomp home from shows along Town Hall Hotel’s charming facade, here I’m more about the shape and print risks that stylists are willing to take in editorial, but consumers, particularly those in educational or working environments, won’t readily explore. And rightly so – print-on-print-on-print is probably not the most practical for most workplaces. I would, to some degree, challenge that by way of jigsaw-ing separates, though, because once you eliminate the styling restrictions of a onesie, the world is basically your oyster, and you’re guaranteed to pass this class.

Whether or not we can call this a distinctly London calling, in a styling sense, we can at least appreciate its influences on any silhouette and print inhibitions I may have held in the past – because it’s true. London does make everyone a little loopier.

In the best possible way.

It’s not too surprising, then (consequent to the styling freedom, not the loopiness – though arguably one and the same), that London has a much stronger multi-brand boutique culture than Sydney does (Melbourne is much better at that, as much as I hate to say it). Indeed, the general public is constantly raving about London’s high street, but large crowds of people absolutely terrify me, so I wind up spending the majority of my dedicated monthly shopping time behind a screen, and if I have the luxury of time, I prefer the narrower edits and visual merchandising of concept stores.

Though, being Generation Y, hybrid of the two is the ideal situation – the degree of #FOMO is just too high when on foot in physical stores, and the dollar bills are not yet so free-flowing that we can #YOLO our way through every quirky boutique in London. I would say that the past decade has seen the hurtling successes of e-tailers, and the plummeting confusions of physical stores in much of the world, though the past two years of digital strategists and their advertising agencies of choice have done much to kick their clients back into the game. In the same way that tensions remain between online and traditional print, there is no right answer except not to continue with the status quo – clearly, that’s not working out for you. Bridging the gap, and drawing the best-selling attributes from both worlds, is the first step to getting over your eternal Wednesday of progress – without responding to your evolving consumer landscape (let’s be honest – Australians aren’t shy when it comes to trying on in stores, then buying online without taxes), you’re never going to make it to Rebecca Black.

Hell, Rebecca Black won’t even want to shop with you.

So, with that in mind, anyone who has their head around Farfetch has the right idea – for the longest time, I’ve been pitching and debating on the benefits of a symbiosis between bricks-and-mortar and digital shopping, so I’m pretty glad this switched-on destination is now on our shores (for those of you overseas, you’ve had them shipping to you forever, so if you’re not across it, I don’t know what you’re doing).

Now excuse me while I #YOLO my way through every quirky boutique in London.

  • Maria Jean Lupfer

    MZ you inspire to put more thought into my styling! I love that you’re able to pull off these silhouettes – it’s really inspiring.

    Also love your strong views on moving forward with traditional and online platforms.


  • Ackie

    Just discovered your blog and honestly you’re my new daily obsession(in a good way)! AMAZING style and writing Margaret.

  • http://www.glamdevils.com/ Mira Devils

    Loving both looks. That Kenzo palm tree dress is to die for!

    xx glamdevils

  • http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/ Caroline

    daaaamn cool girl !! amazing


  • Gaelle

    Pretty smitten with skirt/dress combo. Genius 😉

  • Xincerely

    Your style is awesome! Great match! Love it!



  • http://www.bohemianjourneys.blogspot.com/ Cheyenne

    Thanks for the store recommendations, love how you mixed and matched the prints!


  • Chelsea Dunstan

    You’re so beautiful makeup-free, Marg. Really obsessed with that Kenzo skirt! Think I’m gonna get it 😉 – also, how great is Farfetch! They have like every product from every collection ever between all their stores!

  • http://walktoclick.wordpress.com/ Cátia Silva

    love both looks! but in the second you look amazing!!



  • http://www.stylespectra.blogspot.com/ Isabella
  • Avanti

    Really nice outfit! Love the bright blue


  • Francisc

    Your outfit is really chic!


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  • fashion altitude

    …don’t understand .. I posted a comment a few hours ago…Anyways, I was saying that you master the layering to perfection. If there ever was a diploma in layering, you would graduate with honor!!. Stunning looks and such a source of inspiration. xo

  • http://www.shallwesasa.com/ Sasa Zoe

    Looking amazing as always. Love it:)


  • pernine jacques

    Margaret do you think that second jacket would work in the Khaki too? I’m trying to think what I would wear it with! X

  • http://ten-sixteen.blogspot.com/ Nicole K

    Always amazing! From the photos to text, just everything!

    xx Nicole

  • Niss

    both looks are top notch Margaret. x


  • http://myviciousdarling.blogspot.com.au/ MY VICIOUS DARLING

    That oversized jacket is doing things. Tingly things.

    Two zealous gals,

  • http://www.anniepop.com/ Anniepop

    Magaret = the queen of layering!!!

    So in love with both outfits :)

    Much love,

    Anniepop xx

  • Manika

    you are doing everything right ! I love it


  • http://birdseyechronicles.blogspot.com.au/ Birdseye Chronicles
  • Laila

    Love the blue and white skirt!



  • http://newbornfanatic.wordpress.com/ Newborn Fanatic

    Absolutely in love with that first look!! That oversized jacket and the boots look gorgeous together!! ^^


  • Joy Oelen

    wow love these looks

  • Victoria

    OMG I love your website and how you arrange the pictures!


  • Fashionruelle.com

    I love your style … Your photos are always amaizing


  • Joe Beverly

    The first look is perfect, except for the skirt. It draws too much attention away from the true object of beauty here, which, of course, is you.

  • Anja Skrba

    So bold, so unique… I really enjoy your outfit posts Margaret!


  • Winnie Chen

    The Spring-Summer 2015 Show For Dior Diorama Bag

  • http://www.desjen.com Des & Jen

    We love the quality of your photos and unique writing style! <3



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