Back to Bassike

March 21, 2014 29

Back to basics, back to black, and back to school.


Now when did this happen? No multi-print, multi-texture, multi-layer situation? No bags of books, no change of shoes, no pretty food in tow?

Ladies and gentlemen: I think I grew up.

Kidding – I’m still wearing every print and sneaker on the block. This is just what I wore to David Jones’ opening show in Melbourne on Monday night (I flew back to class next morning, don’t worry). But, in all seriousness, in times of hyperspeed and split attention, I’m not really up for a fussy affair of body-con, skin, tinsel, and print, even if it’s a show of epic proportions, like this one was. And, in this day and age, going ‘back to basics’ means wearing more, with the visual effect of less. I don’t care see legs or collarbone, and if I had it my way, my arms and hands would be wrapped in long-sleeved cashmere goodness, but alas I was working. That, and the perceptive benefits of just a little limb exposure (and sexy heel) for those who are not yet convinced that you are not, in fact, a blob.


As far as going ‘back to black’, I wouldn’t say that I’m much of an all-black advocate (particularly where turtlenecks are involved). The theatre and professional performing arts world made the vibe too harsh and straight-faced for the likes of me – navy and grey are the new black, and I like it like that. It lets you play on those glorious 90s or even couture-cross-normcore shapes without looking like you’re in mourning or PA to a lunatic, or both. Though, for the faint of heart and anti-coordinates, I would suggest breaking it up with the hem of a white or grey tee peeking out from beneath the sweater (which has, by the way, the most beautiful side-split detail).

All that said, if the film director vibe is what you’re going for, then be my guest and be chic about it.

But only if you enter your film in THE FASHION PROJECT! Wink. Details here.

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