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In the same way that dirty snow heaped along West Village sidewalks is undoubtedly a little charming, tying one’s dress to oneself and covering the bulk with a roomy trench is no less impractical.


Embarrassingly enough, despite cutting all my hair off but two days before I flew out, my hair has quite literally sprouted an inch since I landed in NYC. As a result (though also slightly attributable to some degree of laziness), I have taken to putting my hair back in a low pony and side part – usually reserved for runway hair gel and androgynous models. Indeed, I really do now resemble the angry lady-man (not to be confused with angry lady-boy) I always seem to end up channelling, no matter how hard I sprint in one direction. Gowns are always buffered by sneakers and angry leather jackets, and boyfriend jeans with stilettos.

And so, as there is nothing much I can do about my hair being attached to my final equilibrium, this paper bag dress seemed to be the go on Day 2 of Fashion Month… but of course, what is a dress without your boyfriend’s shirt around your waist, right? This flannel in particular worked exceptionally well against the ZIMMERMANN glossy weave.

Steve Jobs’ turtleneck as cleavage is not to be forgotten.

Oh no, never.

In the same way that dirty snow heaped along West Village sidewalks is undoubtedly a little charming, tying one’s dress to oneself and covering the bulk with a roomy trench is no less impractical (somewhat like celebrities who have to be sewn into their dresses pre-red carpet, or those crazy people who decide not to pack their Hunter Boots to the coldest New York winter since the 1800s).

But (oo-oo-ooh) I like it like that.

Good night.


ZIMMERMANN Dress and Trench – ASOS Shirt – byCorpus Pants – Acne Boots – VP Label Bleecker Bag – Larsson & Jennings Watch

shot by Vanessa Hong

  • donna w.

    Hey Margaret! I was checking out street style photos on every fashion site in existence, pinned a photo of you and discovered your blog! I love your writing style and your photos. Amazing website! I’ll definitely be swinging by often.:) Good luck battling the snow and watch out for black ice. – Donna

  • Fashionruelle

    Your style is amazing! I love your blog :* Have fun in NYC

  • Mafalda

    You’re really killing it! Love your style so much!

    Mafalda ❤

  • fashmongers
  • issa

    love the combination of the outfit

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  • Christine loves to travel

    Love your outfit!!

  • petal and plume

    absolutely flawless. love your style!

  • Tahlia Sanders

    As someone who is perpetually cold, I cannot fathom having the ability to accommodate style into one’s sartorial decision-making process during such inhospitable climatic conditions as you are currently experiencing. In your place, I would be reduced to a shivering mess whose only thought capacity is regarding Ugg boots, hot chocolate and the most unfashionable variety of oversized knits. I applaud your cold-weather style, Margaret. You have seemingly effortlessly compiled the most innovative and chic ensembles of anyone I’ve seen at Fashion Week so far.

    If you’ll pardon the pun, you look hot! 😉

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  • Domenica Calarco

    Killing it as always! I think a beauty day is in order once you get back girl! xxx

  • Sharon

    Your outfits make me wish for winter … which is something I never do.


    chic… whereas I just rather live in my puffy mackage jacket.

  • Kaja

    i love your dress!!

  • Rosaly Escueta

    love the layering!

    Streetstyle | Miroslava Duma

    Happy Valentine’s!

  • amandachan

    Master of layering! You never cease to amaze Margaret!

  • Isabella

    Great look!! love the layering!

  • Alicia
  • Simona Huidiu
  • Joy Oelen

    great look

  • E

    You look like a crazy journalist in a positive sense of course 😉

  • natalie

    you look amazing!

    love the dress



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