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February 8, 2014 21

The extent to which Nicky Zimmermann has evolved her eponymous label beyond the safe house of Sydney is sufficiently astounding for all designers to take note.


In its two decades of slow and steady world domination, there has always been something to be said of ZIMMERMANN. Though at least 60% of well respected Australian labels were born of personal explorations into the creative unknown by way of a Bondi Weekend Market stall, if there were a formula for pioneering the Australian fashion industry, ZIMMERMANN’s would be it. Next stop, the Americas – already well and truly established in retail, with a loyal customer looking for something refreshing amongst their seasonal investments, the past year has been focused on attaining the same VOGUE credibility they boast on home shores. Their first show in New York, a whirlwind success, and a season later, it’s like they’ve always been here.

Americans do love themselves a daily dose of Australian.

The extent to which Nicky Zimmermann has evolved her eponymous label beyond the safe house of Sydney is sufficiently astounding for all designers on a global trajectory to take note. Even pinpointing my first encounter with the label in the form of a wildly printed swimsuit that my 15-year-old self obsessively saved up for over three months, to the Fall/Winter 2014 collection that  sailed through Lincoln Centre just now – acutely in tune with the sartorial sentiments of the industry and an unconventional woman,  and never rising too far above its sculptural beginnings.

On seeing all of Nicky’s Fall pieces lined up for model castings, the concepts were just as intriguing as they were self-explanatory – I didn’t feel like I needed to see a runway show, per se, as much as I wanted to film a documentary on the 20 hour countdown to a production that’s over in 20 minutes. Upon shooting this unlikely combination look of mine, I want to drop all of my plans for London and beyond to run around New York with a thousand models and my camera, shooting the same houndstooth cocoon and silver-studded Garden of Eden in every possible location, hair and makeup, lighting, attitude, back to front, and upside down.

Ladies and gentlemen: ZIMMERMANN is the damn talk of the town, and rightly so.


  • Savannah

    So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! You have a refreshing perspective on things and your writing was very well articulated.

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  • monkeyshines
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  • M.B Harper


  • Tahlia Sanders

    I have long admired Zimmermann’s elegant, contemporary aesthetic; their unique take on classic pieces. Your brand and theirs is very similar in that you both have a distinctive, sophisticated yet innovative style.

    I have all my fingers crossed for a Margaret Zhang x Zimmermann collaboration in the future.

  • Eileen

    omg so perfect & extremely jealous that you get to wear the runway pieces

  • Nicole K

    It’s amazing to hear that such an iconic Australian brand like Zimmermann is doing well on the world stage!

    xx Nicole

  • Kaylene

    I was so impressed with the show! My favourite of theirs to date. Those first two off the shoulder turquoise looks were stunning! And the black and red panelled skirt, with the houndstooth jacket – perfection!

  • Anon Anon

    The lines are just tantalizing, can not wait to see more from him!

  • Mafalda

    Oh wow, the dress and the coat are truely magnificent!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Jeline Catt

    Ohmygod Margaret, you look sooo damn amazing!!!! I have no words.

  • Sincerely, Sarah D.

    This is one of the best posts I have read today! Awesome!

  • Anne Stikvoort

    Your photos are so gorgeous!

  • Xincerely

    You are really stunning!! <3


  • Newborn Fanatic

    Hah totally agree. I do love the daily dose of Australian. Seriously wishing to visit one day! Oh and gorgeous outfit!!

  • Angela

    Just goshdarn BRILL. Also, you look stunning. Well done Marg, I always love your words.

  • Juliet

    You are so beautiful Margaret, and the Zimmermann is stunning.

  • Sofia

    Really love the houndstooth-floral combination!

  • Jil Diamante

    You are a goddess!!!!

  • Bloggers_Boyfriend

    it is somethings seemed wouldnt work together in mind but worked perfectly together when you see the images!


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