New York City: Isosceles

February 3, 2014 10 New York

As I descend on snowy NYC, have a preview of what I shot last September for my favourite Bec & Bridge girls’ Isosceles collection.

As I descend on snowy New York City (I am literally on a plane right now – oh the wonders of technology), it would be silly not to throwback Thursday on a Monday to preview a steamier good time, and a project I shot last September while in NYC for my favourite Bec & Bridge girls‘ Isosceles collection.



As I’ve Instagram-ed time and time again, these ladies are on an exciting trajectory: every season is more directional, without losing its accessibility – you and I both know that I’m a Bec & Bridge repeat offender, and damn proud of it. As far as I’m concerned, these pieces can jigsaw onto a sweaty New York subway, as easily as it would a rainy day in Sydney’s Winter, or a mad rush down to the beach for a chilly Autumn swim before it gets too cold altogether. It helps, too, that the team is one of my absolute favourites to work with – any permutation of shooting, styling, modelling and directing sings high notes for me, and a quadruple threat of the lot is basically a dream project come true, particularly when I can justify paying a stressed out NY cabbie to sit on the curb on Greene St for twenty minutes while I trotted back and forth between my tripod and the back seat.

All Apple staff using the back door on their way to work were extremely amused.

But for now, I must jet (ba-da-bing!) – I just got told off by the flight attendant, who looks like Zoe Deschanel, for still having my computer on.

See you in a few, dear Apple of my eye.

Shot, Styled and Modelled by yours truly, all pieces from Bec & Bridge’s AW14 Isosceles Collection:

Spotted Cub Tank – Quicksand Bomber – Babylon Leather Tee – Bravery Leather Pants – Promise Shirt – Isis Skirt – Viper Skirt – Lynx Jumpsuit

Photo assistance by Sara Kerens

Full editorial coming soon to Bec & Bridge

  • aini

    Can’t believe that you single-handedly done everything on those shoots :O you’re such a talented and hard-working person, and i salute you… Also i notice the layout change on your blog. Might require a bit of adjustment, but as far as it goes, it looks good… :)

  • Van Le

    The shot with the cabbie was brilliant, can’t believe these were all shot by you!
    Have a blast in NY!

  • Sophie Paterson

    When will the bravery leather pants hit stores?

  • alex

    new site design looks awesome!!!

  • The siiiiiite!!!! Looks better than I imagined. Congrats! <3

  • Paula Capel

    Love your change design in the blog:) like all your NY outfits!

  • melveey

    Congratulations! It’s fabulous! Everything and more! ♥

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Your self deprecating words made me chuckle. I’m just amazed how you can lug around a tripod, shoot yourself and create these images. I have trouble just setting up the tripod alone (yup, the one time I bought and used it on top of a hill at 4.30 freaking a.m only to find out the sunrise was blehhhh).

  • melissa

    Beautiful. I love Australian designers, it is very close to my personal designing ideas minus all teh orints ;)
    Have tons of fun with Vanessa in NY!

  • What a talented talented individual you are indeed.

    Charlene Ajose