BCBG Max Azria Fall/Winter 2014

February 7, 2014 5

In which hand-warmers are the new clutch bags, and boots are made for walking.

BCBG Max Azria this morning marked the first runway of the season, and a month of long, hard reassessments of whether or not one is completely deluded by the mass hysteria of sartorial trends, to-do’s and hell-no’s, just as most of the world is under the spell of luxury monograms and Made in Paris swing tags.

Even I’m still lusting after a Chanel Boy Bag, though I don’t deserve one yet.

Perhaps when I’m 30.

So let us begin with the midi-skirt, which I wholly endorse for my hatred of knees, the skirt over pants, which my father remains completely opposed to, and my affinity for thigh high boots which has, to be honest, only truly materialised after discussing Beyoncé with Stuart Weitzman when he came out to Sydney. Breed the three, and you have yourself BCBG’s midi-skirts over high boots – a carnal sin to Versace’s 90s (for how would one know how amazing her legs were



under all that fabric and leather?), but again, knees are inexplicably ugly, and our beloved supermodels can leave a little (just a little) to the imagination, can they not?

Trend-driver #2 was the quintessentially Russian hand warmer, of which I was in dire need in today’s sub-zeros (every time I ran into Tommy after shows, he lamented the bare status of my fingers). I would hope that the inside of these might have a zip pocket for change, another for credit cards, a third for a phone, and a forth for all the rubbish I seem to accumulate in the dark depths of every purse I ever use. A new age bag that might give me an illusion of being a lady? I’m all for it.

As to the coats and layered styling, I don’t even need to get into that.

You know me.