Meet: Tatyana Gillam

January 22, 2014 2

It had to be Tatyana – she would have been a prima ballerina in another life. She probably is – I forgot to ask.



It would seem that all of our Aussie model belles are from further up the coast – there must be something in the water. Indeed, five of the six girls I shot with last Friday were well golden after a Summer of being back home. The first of these was Tatyana, who I’m going to call the chameleon. Even from photo to photo, within the hour, she was always moving, understanding the clothes, never losing the brief – roughly speaking, a tomboy ballerina after hours.

I’m way too specific.

I’ve always been so intrigued with how much constantly dancing and performing affects the way dancers dress – in the 90s, it was certainly not for the better. Disastrous, even. Think jazz pants with Nike Air Max peeking out. And as many scrunchies as one person can fit on one ponytail. Perhaps a halterneck crop if they were lucky. Now that mainstream dance brands like Bloch and Capezio have realised sales in slightly more fashion-centric styles, and the dance industry has moved beyond its obsession with Marie Antoinette, and other dying heroines, to something more sexy, though simultaneously androgynous and Baroque – still heroic in their stance, quietly elegant in their silhouettes.

Good one.

So it had to be Tatyana – she would have been a prima ballerina in another life.  She probably is – I forgot to ask.

Are you, Tat?

Photography, Styling, Creative Direction by Margaret Zhang

Hair & Make Up by Abbey Love

Model Tatyana Gillam @ IMG Models

Tatyana wears River Island Lace Insert Slip throughout, CUE Dress, Bebe Jeans, MLM Label Dress and Cami, Escapade Shoes

Shot at BONEL Studio


  • Stefani

    Absolutely love this! Love your work!! <3 from australia

  • Ivana Džidić

    she is amazing beautiful..and these photos capture her inner elegance and charm perfectly!!!!