Sarah & Sebastian

January 21, 2014 2

In this corner of the jewellery world, Sarah & Sebastian are the cutting-edgers.

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New Year’s Resolutions have a way of forming themselves, no matter how adamantly you resolve otherwise – that is, consequent to my pre-Christmas devotions to fine jewellery, I have spent the first few weeks of 2014 wearing nothing else (save the odd ghetto fabulous chain). In this corner of the jewellery world, Sarah & Sebastian are the cutting-edgers – longtime masters of clean lines and fuss-free companions to any permutation of personal style, immune to any erosion by seasonal trends, never too far from the everyday and as easy going as the pair of them are, handmaking their treasures by the sea. Only these guys would come up with tiny Queen Bee crowns for your fingers.

Clearly, I’m a fan.

A while ago, Pierre, Hayley, Nadine, and Koh spent a morning dragging me away from the jewellery table to get dressed and/or actually shoot some photos. Who can blame me? The FRÄULEIN injection range makes me feel like I’m growing up and graduating to the big bad world of finer things. Keeping it real with jeans and leathers, of course. No ball gowns here…

I’ve asked you once, and I’ll ask you again – hairline shiny, or chunky as hell?

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