New Balance

January 28, 2014 6

On the New Shoe.


The primary purpose of this post is to demonstrate to Paloma how dire my hair situation is ahead of a long overdue hair chop tomorrow afternoon (What shall I do? Shave my head? Dye it red?), but as always, here we are, masterfully disguised as a boring outfit update – because who really cares what you’re wearing when it isn’t sunny? Having said that, the last time I photographed myself in the rain, it proved quite popular…

I guess nobody tells you what to do when conditions aren’t perfect.


Unfortunately, the front end of our Australia Day long weekend didn’t fare the best skies, which I’m secretly a fan of for its softer, filtered light and less strip-off-inducing heat – as someone once exclaimed, I’m a Fall girl. So of course, grey skies mean blue clothes in mish-mashed prints that could be nightwear, kitchenware, and unaware all at the same time. The key is to find prints that are only just geometrically related to each other by the skin of their teeth – in this case, the perfect relaxed fit outer shell, my favourite Summer dress that my mother insists is surely a nightie, and pyjama-print heels that probably shouldn’t be worn on a rainy day, but, like, #YOLO, like, #whatever.

Hairy bag? Check. Magazine that you may or may not be reading to match shoes? Check. Enormous carry-all so you don’t have to wear said shoes at all, and sport New Balance instead? Hells yeah.

To that, I’m going to say that New Balance is the New damn Shoe. They had a brief moment in Fashion during Fall/Winter 13/14, but Birkenstocks show more ankle and backstabbed its way to the top from its fallen furry glories in the previous Spring season to the next. Consumers (save Asia) will still associate New Balance with dorky 90s journalists with neither Superman qualities, nor terribly good eyesight.

But you see, that’s exactly the look I’m going for.

How did I do?

SUNO Dot Edge Relaxed Fit Blazer from Camargue – Tibi Dress – New Balance Shoes (available at ASOS) – Brady Chapman Springbok Clutch – J. Crew Patterned Pumps – Vintage Princess Bleecker Carry-all (available at THE ICONIC) – ELLE Australia February Issue Canon T60

Shot on Canon 7D with 85mm lens

  • jasminaparade

    As always, love your photos and your tone when you write. It’s very refreshing and your images inspiring. xoxo

  • Rui Jun Luong
  • zhanna

    You are looking absolutely gorgeous with your hairstyle. Loved your dress, nice print <3 Zhanna,

  • girlinmenswear

    Love all the clashing prints. Looks amazing.

  • Cocobean

    You are incredibly beautiful! xx

  • Christina Gomes

    I just found your blog thanks to Fashionista’s article! And I love it! Such a great work you’re doing here and so creative and inspirational as well. Keep up the good work! :) xoxo from Switzerland