Hirst’s McQueen

January 28, 2014 0

I quite like the idea of a cloud of butterflies hovering around my head all day.

The panicked rush around before you lose that last little bit of light often produces the calmest captures – or perhaps just the one. Such was the case this afternoon between Chinese New Year feasting, blindly boxing up the remainder of the house, and packing for my flight out of this joint on Sunday, in some kind of organised chaos, it seems.

Not dissimilar to Damien Hirst’s art, one could say, and even more so, the legacy of McQueen. A collaboration has been a long time coming, and yet only available for some fleeting time, so get around it ASAP. This particular silk wonder of the extensive printed scarf collection caught my eye for how much its butterflies resembled a pair Alex has pinned in an old-school glass box on his wall beside a newspaper article about his grandfather, and the tail of some exotic animal skin. I also quite like the idea of a cloud of butterflies hovering around my head all day (I’m told that there are butterfly parks in Indonesia that I absolutely must visit), and trailing behind me when I’m battling the Bondi-to-Bronte.

How about it?

And then I think that I should have gotten a skull print to kickstart a Hirst art collection (who am I kidding…) – a friend of mine has two enormous original drawings of his and I get so jealous every time I’m in town and discussing expat life in his Bangkok living room.

Nonetheless, I’ve always liked that about McQueen – it’s more about being visually innovative than anything else.

Alexander McQueen X Damien Hirst Scarf – Cameo Tank – Josh Goot Corset