Seymour and Nora

December 13, 2013 0

Throwback to Hong Kong from my WiFi corner at 昆明 airport, waiting to board our connection to my beloved Bangkok. Confused? Good.


Why aloha from my measly WiFi corner at 昆明 airport, finally (finally) waiting to board our connection to my beloved Bangkok. We were supposed to arrive last night, but ran into some extreme snow trying to leave 九寨黄龙 and wound up in a heating-free, Internet-free, airline-hotel arrangement in 松潘, which would have been so exciting in the day time, but, alas, it was midnight and sub-zero when we arrived and the power was out across the whole local vicinity. Never before have I so intensely regretted doing a snow dance with giggling 6-year-old Tibetan kids on a riding pit stop in the mountains. All they wanted was to make snow angels! How could anyone refuse? Their cheeks are so rosy… 6000RMB later, my re-initiation to online connectivity makes my previous letter to the internet somewhat redundant and trivially ironic – the minute I willingly dedicate myself to keeping up with Instagram, snowstorms be like ain’t nobody got time for that.

And so, we find ourselves back in Hong Kong, as Instagram would have it anyway, one overcast walk from our hotel to a darling street brimming with hairy crabs and strange Asian-American hybrid late night diners where 10HKD would buy you a feast while losing but a shred of culinary dignity. A wildly juxtaposing setting to be wearing a man suit, it seems, but Hong Kong is ok with that – and for that, I’m ok with Hong Kong: the concrete jungle that escapes recognition, yet always has you looking up. Until, of course, you look down, and cop an eyeful of furry animal print, an urban zebra (if you’ll let me have that one), and some portable foliage to prove my point.

They’re calling for boarding. Bangkok, I’m so excited to see you that I could cry.

It may also be the exhaustion talking.

Thank god for Alex.

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