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November 5, 2013 1

And just like that, we find ourselves back in New York City.

nanette-lepore-2 copy

And just like that, we find ourselves back in New York City after a huge day of shows (Michael Kors and Nanette Lepore included). In real-time, I’m sitting under Alex’s desk surrounded by Public Law notes,* but hey – always the optimist. This particular moment in time was the close of the steamiest day I’ve ever had the pleasure of not dressing practically for, and while I did convince myself that lace ventilation was enough to offset multiple layers of leather legs, my facial sheen by early evening boasted significantly otherwise.

Such is the life of a pants person.

A pants person who wears jackets as skirts.

The result is appreciably 90s fabulous – a theme that I feel most of Manhattan lends itself exceptionally well to. In Summer, pedestrian styling and reasonably sexy vehicles are dead giveaways that we’re roaming the 21st century. During the Fall/Winter shows though, you could be pardoned for real Hey Arnold moments – what with wide-lapel black coats, flat boots, ironic Ray-Bans, mustard-equivalent knits and boxy cabs… needless to say, I’m wildly excited to continue this 90s story in February’s freezing NYC.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I freaking love Hey Arnold.

But ciao for now.

My textbooks are calling (née crying).

*I like to change my study location by Chapter – I’m only a little deranged.

Nanette Lepore Lace Top – Nike Crop – Michael Kors Bag – Tibi Leather Paneled Pants – Mode Collective Shoes

Shot by Peter Le on Nikon D600 and 85mm

  • Anastasia

    Putting a nike sports bra under that top is genius…your style is perfection! xx