The Terrey Effect

November 11, 2013 0

On what should really be The Terrey-Sawyer-Love Effect – the triple-barreled surname I would readily adopt, but for the width of my screen and your attention spans.



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Real talent is just as much about the final product as it is the process. Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting with this brilliant team on what can only be described as the most chilled and efficient set I’ve ever worked on. So much so, that the title of this post should really have been The Terrey-Sawyer-Love Effect – a triple-barreled surname I would readily adopt, but for the width of my screen and your attention spans. This is the A-team. No frills, no fuss: just super real, down-to-earth, hard-working and collectively-visioned creatives.

Indeed, I feel like I took longer getting changed than it took for the musketeers to nail some of these shots. And, at risk of sounding metronomic, I genuinely think that you should familiarise yourselves with these three: Jake, for one, is on a trajectory to international Benny Horne/Chris Colls editorial recognition – and yet his approach to his work is less formulaic, far more emotive, and not as dependent on other parties for a money shot. Richard is about clean lines, movement, and all of my respect for balancing styling, photography and an online editorship with what 2014 will see to be a full-time legal career (you see! I’m not the only crazy one!). Meanwhile, Abbey answers emails with merci and beauté insertions so uncontrived that I need to get stuck into building on my average French again, not to mention her mastery of Asian eyes (among other varieties, of course). You always know how good a make-up artist is when they get to the eyes – Abbey wrapped them at hyper speed.

I could write essays on these guys, but I now have to go an write an essay on Public Law.

Happy Monday, mes mignons!

Photography by Jake Terrey

Styling by Richard Sawyer

Hair & Makeup by Abbey Love for La Prairie Skincare & Tom Ford Beauty

Styling references:

  1. Camilla & Marc Blazer
  2. Zambesi Dress
  3. Alice McCall Shirt and Pants
  4. ELLERY Jacket and Shorts
  5. Sportmax Coat
  6. Christopher Esber Jacket, LOVER Skirt