Essential Summer

November 13, 2013 1

Here’s a quick update between exams with a fun project that I shot with a few of my favourite Sydney talents a few weeks ago for eBay’s Fashion Gallery.

Why hello, Margaret – you’re looking much pinker and shinier than usual!

Here’s a quick update between exams to enlighten you (as per Instagram demand, as always) of a fun project that I shot with a few of my favourite Sydney talents the other week for eBay’s Fashion Gallery.

That was a long sentence.

All past English teachers, I apologise.

Their Australian dedicated site has recruited four Aussie design talents (my dear MLS amongst them) and BAM, out come four limited edition building blocks for an essential Summer wardrobe. After years of eluding each other at fashion weeks and press showings, I finally met and shot with the handsome Johnny Schembri who pumped out this killer curved hem skirt. Though far more bodycon and feminine than my usual deal, it is surely next on my list of bottoms to test with my man’s shirt, which has somehow risen through the ranks to become the ultimate Litmus test for versatility. I hypothesise Johnny’s skirt to be far more adaptable than it’s signature stripes and hot pink would initially let on.

Yes, Alex is yet to discover that I’ve been wearing it for the past three months.

Yes, that is perhaps more satisfying that actually wearing it.

The shirt not the skirt.

But the skirt!

Meanwhile, back at my old online shopping stomping grounds (God, the hours I used to spend chained to vintage sunglasses biddings…), I kind of love that eBay has injected a little corner of structure into the mire of overwhelming options that you and I spend too many beautiful hours trawling through in the innocent hope of finding those red and navy canvas Chanel espadrilles in our size (I still haven’t found them – the mission goes on).

At the very least, for now, I know I’ll be needing a load of that towel, Michael.

Just over a week until I’m in Thailand’s tropic heat!

How about it?

by Johnny for eBay Fashion Gallery Skirt ($39.95) – ALL About EVE Leopard Shirt Jacket – by johnny Top

Photo Carlotta Moye @ Work Agency

Styling Nadene Duncan @ DLM

Hair Luana Coscia @ DLM

Make-up Max May