Stefania the Third

One Stefania, three ways: because it was sold out. And now, it’s not.







To say that I’m an impulse shopper is only true in the case of groceries. It’s those avocados that get me.

Every damn time.

But in hashtag fashion, I am a sales girl’s worst nightmare. When faced with a designer label and an exorbitant price tag, my mother always taught to think of how much food it could buy. My boyfriend prefers to divide by return flights to Thailand. And my best friend takes an extra step in quantifying conversely – in face-smacks from Regina George. A long story short, I um and ah for hours before promising to return, then upon actually returning, um and ah further, and decide against it (by which time, the piece has sold out in my size, and the prospects of making the size up work are fairly slim).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, last Winter’s Stella McCartney miraculously reappears in a plume of sparkle smoke and tweed magic. Certainly – this is one of the ones that got away, and you only see the best in a long lost lover well and truly after they’re long lost. Such is the way the story goes. For this particular Stefania, I had been primarily concerned that it was warm enough to endure the entirety of Sydney’s non-existent Winter on its own – my plan to create looks around it by means of layering was foiled. Disaster! Send help!

After it sold out, I reminded myself that a) I am surely not the most climate-based dresser, for I’ve found myself sweltering in triple leather, and freezing in silk shirts at least twice a month (each) and b) there had to be somewhere in the world where I was traveling for work or play that would be the dead of Winter, upon which I would wish I had eight of both Stefania, Antonella and your cat as a hat to wear all at once.

But, of course, it was already sold out.

And, of course, now it’s not.

So in happily material retrospect, here are my three ways of wearing the damned beauty:

1) Dominatrix boots are only dominatrix if you can see the skin they don’t cover – so, enter stage left Altuzarra embroidered leather thigh-high boots, walking the line so fine that one gives up, and focuses on the beautiful friendship between striped wool blend and paneled tweed instead. An unlikely friendship. Scholastically star-cross’d nonetheless. You never did see a chicer drop-waist elementary school pinafore…

2) Perhaps more suitable for Fall for my friends in the top half of the world, we take the other (and arguably more weighted) end of the sexy spectrum. Outerwear longer than innerwear doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted to Vuitton’s lace slips or even, where a trench coat is involved, looking like a flasher (which somewhere seem to be synonymous this season). But, where Wang pumps are optional, pushed up sleeves are not. The world needs to see those skintight blue sleeves with your heart sewn to both.

3) The dress and absolutely nothing the else. Or the other dress and just as little. Because, let’s keep it real – it was 36 Celsius yesterday in Sydney, and even Anna dello Russo couldn’t tolerate that much sweaty thigh action. Please note that large 80s hair is compulsory.

Luckily, I’ll be spending some of December doing some work in the snowier parts of Asia.

Altuzarra, I’m coming at ya.

Stella McCartney Stefania Dress from THE OUTNET (similar Antonella Dress) – Altuzarra Embroidered Leather Thigh Boots – Rag & Bone 42nd St Striped Wool Blend Blazer – Alexander Wang Emma Textured Leather Pumps – PAUL & ALICE Trench Coat


Margaret Zhang is a Chinese-Australian photographer, director, stylist and writer based in New York. Since her digital beginnings in the fashion industry in 2009, Margaret has worked with global brands including Chanel, UNIQLO, Swarovski, YEEZY, Clinique, Lexus, Dior, Gucci, Matches and Louis Vuitton in a wide range of capacities both in front of and behind the camera, while completing her Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney.
Though regularly featured in print and digital media as a model and personality alike, Margaret’s pho tography, styling, and creative direction has been employed by the likes of Vogue, L’Officiel, Harper’s BAZAAR, NYLON, Marie Claire, Buro24/7, and ELLE internationally. She has been listed in Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 and TimeOut’s 40Under40 lists, and her work has been recognised as shaping the international fashion industry by the Business of Fashion BoF500 Index, and ELLE Magazine’s Best Digital Influencer of The Year Award.




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