Pan and The Dream

October 8, 2013 1

When the going gets tough… shoot.







When the going gets tough, and jetlag hurts like hell, do a shoot.

On Father’s Day.

With the dream team.

Between them, Paul, Nat, Richard and Chris tell stories. It’s never (never) about replicating somebody’s lookbook or campaign or twelve page spread – hell, a moodboard is optional. Everything is spontaneously genuine. One person would throw a curveball… see the light (I crack me up)… and the whole team would move to make the shot happen, without losing sight of the underpinning themes and concepts. Needless to say, the day flew by in an extended conversation around every permutation of Vegemite on toast (my #yolo’s went as far as banana-mite), the direction of every corner of the industry, accompanied by seamless creative work and far too much goofballing behind-the-scenes to be pragmatic (and yet it was).

Exceptional talent can breed the most terrifying fashion monsters.

Not here.

Here, it was about breaking every product and passing trend to its aesthetic appeal – something you and I forget about on a day to day basis. Indeed, I’ve never seen so much mass and digital marketing as I have in the year 2013. There is so much fast fashion, retail madness, It-factor and ad revenue being thrown at consumers on a daily basis that it’s easy to be blinded on a personal level – working with these artists made me step back and think about the culprit influencers of my recent purchases and creative decisions.

And just like that, I only had one more change, and Chris slathered gold paint all over my face.

I couldn’t be happier to be sharing the final results with you all.

Thanks again, team – can’t wait to work with you all again.

See the full shoot at Pan & The Dream and Harper’s BAZAAR Visa Fashion First Style Network.

Photography Paul Westlake

Styling Nathalie Agussol for Pan & The Dream

Hair Richard Kavanagh @ DLM for Redken NYC

Makeup Chris King for La Prairie

Model Margaret Zhang

Photography assistant Deniss Sudak

Fashion assistant Ebanny Dwyer

Shot at Sun Studios Australia

Retouching by Joseph Gerardi at Q Studios Inc.