Lost in Translation

October 3, 2013 0

A surreal Sofia Coppola moment while filming late one night in Shinjuku.

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Well Kon’nichiwa、あなたにはどう to you! Indeed, I’m now in Seoul, but I’ve been working such long days that I haven’t even had half a second to go through some of my photos from Tokyo until now. As it was my first time in Japan, I spent my 15 hours worth of flight time watching Lost In Translation and picturing myself as Scarlett Johansson in that rainy intersection scene. Et voila – my Sofia Coppola moment while filming late one night in Shinjuku (complete with one charmingly seedy yakitori and beer bars and long intervals of time admiring cute shopfronts before realising they were sex stores… or manga porn). Even with my reasonable grasp of kanji, every street of this big city was overwhelming, over-populated, and the sensory overload that I’ve always wanted to be lost in – and yet it doesn’t exhaust you… rather, makes you hyper and want to morph into a sugarcoated Lolita girl.

I’m cool with it if you are.

On that note, this is the first installation of a little styling project I’m working on with THE OUTNET – I’m sure you all know by now that my frequent stalking of its New Arrivals is no secret… mostly attributed to my unhealthy obsession with a few named Chloé gowns from a few seasons ago that are bound to show up there soon (again, stalking), and the fact that a lot of my favourite collections from a range of exceptional designers were beyond my spending power when they originally walked (and I was 17 and broke… or something).

Credit card work out time.

Meanwhile, back in Japan, I apparently don’t even come close to passing as anything remotely Japanese, so curious stares were a-plenty.

A trailing camera crew didn’t help.

I’ll have to tell you more about my Tokyo impressions in my next post – currently running late for call time here in Seoul!

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Rag & Bone Blazer from THE OUTNET – Iris & Ink Leather Stretch Leggings – No Marni Tank from The Enabler – Michael Kors Bag