September 16, 2013 0

And here begins my backlog of Fashion Week content: starting with the ringmasters.









Jetlagged and cab-frazzled, ZIMMERMANN’s debut New York Fashion Week collection was my first show – and let me tell you, the backstage buzz, front of house response and collection itself made me far prouder to be Australian than my 24 hours of QANTAS flying had. I, for one, felt that this giant leap across the globe flagged the all-important evolution from the girls’ swimwear beginnings. What had once been a bronzed and careless bikini babe flying solo seaside was now a wide-striding woman on a mission. A career woman with humble beginnings, perhaps. Or a youth of blind ambition and a sideways sense of humour.

While Nicky’s circus inspirations proved highly contributory to this outlook, I also found appreciation, first, in her acknowledgement of past successes (shapes and silhouettes reimagined with voluminous additions, or stripped back to bare essentials), and second, in the checkboxing of all key items in demand by both industry and consumers in the forseeable future – but not without that taste of home the label has become famous for. A sheer-sleeved bomber, say, or drop-waist and scandalous deep V.

An effective G’Day USA, wouldn’t you say?

And so, for a more deliberate collection, I aimed to capture a more deliberate editorial angle on backstage. Runway imagery can only go so far – allowing models to portray their own interpretation of the garments they’d been styled in, as one would in studio shooting scenarios, is something I’ve explored much more this season, and will certainly be doing more of in seasons to come.

Apologies for the brief tie-up – I’m about to board my flight home from LAX!