September 18, 2013 0

“Form follows function” – the mission remains to have women live their lives in TOME.


What I respect the most about the focus of TOME‘s Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, is that it revolves wholly around the woman as she wishes to be dressed. And we¬†are talking about the woman. Not the girl. This is not to say that TOME’s streamlined minimalism lacks youth and humour – surely the fact that I can do the Macarena with a pretzel in their famous wide-leg trousers speaks volumes to the boys’ design versatility. Nonetheless, “form follows function” – the mission remains to have women live their lives in TOME – and I find it more relevant to consider the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund-nominated duo’s exploration of fuller fabrics, than this Spring’s palette of cream, sand, rose and mauve.

Against last season’s alien and ethereal fascination with something other-worldly, Ryan and Ramon’s Spring/Summer 2014 felt much more tactile. The story was no longer about a particular type of woman treading a particular walk of life – rather, a refreshing thought process where comfort was a means to an end of confidence, with none too many cinched waists or shoulder restrictions. The collection touched on a little of everything they label has built in its short past, with a fleeting acknowledgment of this season’s 90s resurgence, resort-as-street wear, then some forget-me-not boudoir to finish.

Here’s to hoping the months fly before February when this collection is bankable and the next is unveiled.


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