September 8, 2013 0

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And so, after a few days of being wildly jetlagged… I remain wildly jetlagged. It’s 3am, I’m hypnotised by my laptop screen, I’m writing, I’m editing, I’m emailing, I’m Skyping, and I’m supposed to be studying (my textbooks are glaring at me – I swear it). Regardless, I think it’s high time I posted at least a little update from vibrant New York City – I had been inexplicably ill just before I left, on top of having to plough through a significant wall of exams, so I popped up in TriBeCa very suddenly (save for a cheeky Instagram warning a week prior).

On with the real talk.

September is such a beautiful time of year to be in NYC – the whole world seems to gravitate here for those last highlights of Summer before the year plummets below zero degrees Celcius and to-do lists stack sky high. And not just for Fashion Week (though, one could argue that the more interesting characters descending on the city fall under that category of humans). While, indeed, my primary purpose for being here surrounds Fashion Week, I’m taking more time to explore a little, do some of my studying and assignment crunching in a new environment, appreciate a new part of Manhattan (I’ve only ever stayed in Soho before – TriBeCa is so much calmer), and most importantly, to meet the people I’ve worked with over email for so long and never met face to face, and catch up with some of my closest friends (likely picking up where we left off six months ago).

Dear Jacqs is one of those – we spent the afternoon wondering at how up to date we were with each others’ lives purely on the basis of Instagram, the heaving number of tourists shuffling along the Highline, and how ridiculously good Friedman’s Lunch’s vegetarian brown rice bowl was. Aside from what most passersby was the result of a nasty fall to my left leg, and some sideways interest in the silicone base of this beauty of a necklace, I felt very camouflaged, at home and happy with life, for want of a better word.

Then we said goodbye, promised to brunch over the weekend, and I headed down to TOME‘s breathtaking presentation.

But more on that later.

Now, to bed.

EK THONGPRASERT Necklace from Parlour X – Alexei’s Shirt – Maurie & Eve Jeans – Mode Collective Shoes – Givenchy Bag

photos by Jacqueline Sir on Nikon D600