Bachelor Plaid

September 21, 2013 1

That one time I fried your eyes.






I’m all about pyjamas. There’s nothing better. Fresh off a bad day, less fresh off a bad night, croissant and black coffee in hand, angel fuzz of bed hair.*

All about it.

When the PJ sprung a leak two years ago, though, I executed with limited success. The honest truth is that I’m Asian.* The shinier the shirt and the kitschier the print, the more I lost the gloriously effortless irony that seems to come with every messy head of hair, a cigarette and razor sharp cropped trousers. Indeed, this April, May affair was as close as I got to Parisian pyjama chic, and even then, I needed a sexy split and strappy shoes to communicate to the world that no, I had not forgotten to get the hell out of bed.

And so, I yearned for Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim in silence.

Enter stage right, Equipment shirts. Enter stage left, Equipment shirts in the world’s happiest prints. And then there’s this one. What is it about a scream-and-shout plaid that makes it less bedridden than even a polkadot, star or Grandmother floral? Perhaps Hedi Slimane’s teen spirit finally made it to the punkest corners of my brain. Or more likely, that I have come to accept all checks as daywear, whether it be party pants or boxer shorts – because let’s keep it real: this coloured mish mash magic is just a horizontal grid away from being Uncle Vernon.

And then there’s the issue of matchy-matchy – a pyjama set is complete for a reason. But, given my aesthetic inability to pull off a simultaneous plaid pant (challenge accepted – watch this space), it had to be a bag. And it had to be this bag. A complementary-coloured optical hazard makes me weak at the knees. Good thing these pants are double leathered.

Meanwhile, my hair remains too short to pull up in a real topknot, so the infamous backward mohawk prevails.

I can feel your judgement.

My pyjamas don’t care.

And neither did my girl Chloe, who had the kind post-salad inclination to help me out with these snaps, one sunny afternoon off during New York Fashion Week. Preach it.

* perhaps a little more editorial than what would actually be the case

** let me tell you: silk pyjamas are a frequent streetstyle sight in my family’s hometown in the Motherland…

Equipment FR Multi-plaid Signature Shirt (and I’ve got my eyes all over this, this, and this one too) – Pierre Hardy Multi Cube-print Shoulder Bag – Tibi Leather Paneled Pants – Nine West Booties – Antoine + Stanley Sunglasses

  • zhanna

    Loved your whole look, your PJ shirt is absolutely awesome as are your gorgeous double layered leather pants. In love with your and your extremely STYLISH style if I may say so. <3 Zhanna,