Îles de Lavezzi

August 29, 2013 0

Even with my excessive sunscreen application, I still ended up ten shades darker after a day in Heaven (née Îles de Lavezzi).













Pursuant to my heavenward declarations earlier this week, I present Heaven. To call Îles de Lavezzi a ‘cluster of islands’, as the Bonifacienne ferry services like to sell it, is a bit of a wild overstatement – but not over-generous. The substantial pile of rocks sitting in the stretch of ocean between Corsica and Sardinia hosts some of the most incredible, and the most private, beaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing – nothing short of the whitest sand, the clearest water and no shade whatsover (but actually – bring a cartwheel hat, because there is absolutely nowhere for the faint-hearted to hide). Alex and I caught the first ferry out with a packed picnic lunch and snorkel masks, and the last boat home – indeed, even with my excessive sunscreen application that day, I still ended up ten shades darker (you can most likely see the progression through these photos we shot over the course of the day) and a ring of mild heat rash around my neck.

Sexy, right?

Hiking the length of the islands is well worth it – most people park themselves at the first stretch of sand they see, but the far side on the main island boasts far more dramatic rocks, more fish action for snorkelers, and only one semi-screaming, butt-naked baby (I guarantee it). I, for one, had never been snorkeling in my life (how un-Australian of me), so entertained myself for a good hour and a half chasing fish and freaking out at the sensation of breathing underwater – perhaps I should wait a year before I try scuba-diving. Between this beginner’s magic, relentless sun, perfect sea temperature, and otherwise silence, it would have been stupid of me not to shoot even half an editorial for you guys here.

So that is why I endured the practical inconceivability of wearing a short-suit on a rock in 35C heat.

In case you were wondering.

But now, I must love you and leave you, for I have a class and a thousand errands to run in preparation for a huge shoot tomorrow (watch this space) – synonymous with the fact that the islands really speak for themselves until you can get yourself there. It was easily (easily) one of my top five days across my entire trip.

Equipment Coral Shirt – Seafolly BikiniCue Cross-over Crop Top – LP33.3 Skirt – Triangl Santa Rosa Splash Bikini – TOMS Marco Sunglasses from Planet Blue – LP33.3 Autostrada Blazer, Shorts and Top

Shot by Alexei and yours truly on Nikon D600