Bali Breaker

August 28, 2013 0

A whirlwind 48 hour work trip to peaceful Bali – Instagram edition.






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I must apologise for my sporadic updates here over the past week – indeed, the combination of work and Uni got the better of me to the point where I was falling into bed as soon as I got home and all of a sudden I hadn’t turned on my laptop for three days…

The scandal.

As if it’s supposed to make up for lost time, I’ve just gotten back from a whirlwind couple of days of screen work in Bali and spent most of today in exams, class, planning Law Ball (if anybody has some Sydney DJ favourites, do hit me up in the comments below), and sprinting between home and the Post Office for the most stupidly jet-wrecked reasons.

And now I have to do a week’s worth of readings in a night. Have all of my favourite Instagrams from Bali as compensation:

  1. Shooting at Deus’ Seminyak concept store (wearing Bec & Bridge, Karen Walker, Senso, Larsson & Jennings, Jennifer Zeuner)
  2. Pineapple-ing out with Zoe and my trusty Soludos espadrilles at her incredible villa
  3. Bali’s famous watermelon juice between takes against wall art by Lucas Grogan at Old Man’s neat Batu Bolong
  4. The incomparable Stones Hotel Legian where the Bali Fashion Festival was hosted – what a pool, what a pool
  5. I’m amazed that these heels are still white after traipsing half the island in them
  6. A sunny afternoon spent at Mister Zimi‘s serene Seminyak boutique
  7. My beloved new Miu Mius checking out the Batu Bolong scene (would have given anything to be in the surf…)
  8. The Stones‘ doing its razzle dazzle thing
  9. Talking to the charismatic Andy and I Magazine over babing editorials and icy watermelon
  10. More pineapples (and other pretty sweet things)
  11. Afternoon swanning with Sam and Ed, their puppy and the latest Pared collection
  12. Sneaky taco time with the team at Motel Mexicola – such excellent vegetarian options too (coincidentally, Zoe also shot her latest lookbook here – can’t wait to see!)
  13. Angel-haired sunrise flying back into Sydney this morning…