Mon Sacre-Cœur

July 10, 2013 1

On ‘c’est rien’ and Chloé ’09.








Why yes, my Wifi access has been a little dodgy over the past week or so – enough for Instagrams, as you’ve seen, but not enough for any real image files… boo. Perhaps, though, a blessing in disguise in that I haven’t been so blindly addicted to my laptop as I usually am, and have been out and about as long as daylight would allow. And so, here I am waiting for our ride to Corsica from beautiful Nice, starting the huge backlog of happy snaps I’ve accumulated on my little French adventure thus far.

We begin from the beginning (after the picnic beginning).

Paris is by far one of the most incredibly built cities one could ever have the pleasure of getting lost in. the number of times I’ve asked a local what that building is, to which they respond c’est rien, is slightly amusing if not amazing that the most average of Parisian structures would be worshiped in a place like Sydney. Such is the test of history. This is not to say, of course, that the exceptional Basilique du Sacre-Couer is ‘nothing’ – simply that the attention to detail for something constructed so long ago is mind blowing. Alex and I found a quiet staircase just past the entrance to the crypt to watch tourists gawking upward, serenaded by an accordion waltzing La Vie en Rose. Somehow, the Basilique was much more majestic and gothically beautiful, as it should be, in overcast Parisian afternoon light. An hour later, the sun cracked through the clouds and the entire hilltop glowed golden, but we were well into Montmartre by then. More on that later.

This shirt has clearly become a favourite often while in Paris. The blue is fresh and crisp without being corporate as you would expect (most likely due to the silk, and seems to complement as many colours and textures as you could get your head around. I had picked up these shorts on Rue Saint-Honoré the day before in an hour to burn before meeting the ever-sweet Swarovski team, and have surely worn them every second day since. The Chloé ’09 vibes are too good to be true. Give me more, give me more.

And now they’re calling for boarding, so I must love you and leave you!

Equipment Signature Shirt in Robin – ZARA Shorts – Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet in Oatmeal – Mode Collective Smoking Slippers – Natalie B Cuff from Planet Blue – Larsson & Jennings Watch

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  • Annika

    It’s amazing how you’re wearing the same shirt and shoes and cuff but it looks like a completely different outfit. Standing ovation.