In The Deep

June 11, 2013 0

This is probably the most fun I’ve had on a shoot all year – hashtag dream team.








Since I got back from Asia, my day-to-day has been a bit of a shambles – work is demanding, exams are looming, Europe is calling and my suitcase from Bali is still very much unpacked. Oops.

What I am saying is that I’ve been meaning to share this editorial I shot with CAMEO for a few weeks now, but somehow it’s been gathering dust in my drafts box, and never made it to the big screen. And here we are in the present day, upon which I’m rugged up in two shirts, a knit and leather pants, wishing myself back to this impossibly sunny day on the edge of the world (or perhaps the moon), busting out weirdo moves between shots, and waiting for the spray to crash high enough to fill our frame (success, Jody – success).

The collection itself is one of my favourites by CAMEO in its two and a half years of kicking goals. As of late, their pieces have been much more directional, and their concepts much more cohesive without losing any element of practicality and the real girl who mixes high and low, and isn’t scared of a damn good print. These are the pieces you wear every day, every night and in between with your box of investment accessories, and high rotation would not be an issue – just compliments, ladies. My kind of label. Aside from lending itself ever so well to my beloved wet hair, the design team found a perfect balance between sea and city, which feeds my day-to-night wardrobe jigsaw beyond belief, and makes me think that perhaps I couldn’t survive in a beachless city without weekend saltwater getaways…

Our team, too, was one of the most relaxed and hilarious group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Photo maestro Jody and I have a very similar framing ideas. He loves movement, I love dancing – ka-ching – so, the day went so very smoothly. And, you already know that Tobi is one of the most talented and down to earth hair and makeup artists in the business – one of the few who really works with faces, not paint them.

Et voilà – what do you think?

Photography Jody PachniukHair & Makeup Tobi HenneyStyling CAMEO homegirls and yours truly

All pieces available at CAMEO