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June 10, 2013 0

I made a cake GIF. You want to see it.

ClaireAristidesClaireAristides ClaireAristides-3 ClaireAristides-4

I’ve known Claire for quite some time now – I couldn’t tell you how long, but long enough for me to see her incredible growth in both her design work and her brand personality. As I’m sure you’ve gathered from my fine chain and charm laced Instagrams, I’m somewhere close to being her number one fan. So, starting a morning with her bombshell self, some of my favourite Sydney ladies, gents and creatives, and the incomparable Anthea Leonard, decorating cakes, you say? Instagram, you say? All in.

With hearts, stars and horseshoes based on Claire’s Cruise 2013-14 collection, I created a little black and white chow-down of love. And then I took it over to Alex’s place and made a little stopmotion before he and his family devoured its marzipan and chocolate perfection.

And now, back to wishlisting jewellery and watching my cake dance.