Double in Paradise

May 25, 2013 0

Hey Bangkok – you have a bit of competition… Bali begins.


Bali-12 copy

Hello from Bali, my lovers! As un-Australian of me as it is to have never been to this beautiful part of the world in my nineteen years of existence (I’m twenty on Monday, but I’m in denial, so let’s move past that detail), I’m here now. And Bangkok has a just a little more attention seeking to do in my travel books. At the moment, Camille and I are staying at The Balé, which is nothing short of incredible. There is something intrinsically (freaking) perfect (awesome) about the architecture in this place, which I’m sure you’ve all seen bits and pieces of on Instagram, without losing any sense of intimacy, privacy and homeliness. I’m sure they won’t notice if I stay on in this villa of mine – Wifi, private pool, indoor shower, outdoor shower, cookies, mosquito repellent… it’s all you need in life, really.

I’m really excited to share more of the imagery we’ve been producing here, but for now, have a little taste test of yesterday’s adventures to The Balé’s beach club at Geger Beach, and other pool life hash tags.

Back to work now.


Cara & Co Holographic Bag – Westward Leaning SunglassesThe Luxe NomadThe Balé – Nikon D60085mm Lens