Optical Confusions

May 2, 2013 0

In which I am a hazard to society, and make my sweater cry.


The first thing that I will say about this get-up is that it was a pain in the ass to shoot – Kennard’s Hire is probably the only business in Australia whose signature colour is the exact same shade as the ‘Morange’ MAC Lipstick I was wearing on this fateful day, as I trotted to the office from my bus stop. Why would one pass up such a complementary, equally glossy wall? Because it’s in the middle of a giant loading dock, that’s why. Both my tripod and I almost got run over at least twenty times – I almost wish that somebody had filmed me running between my beeping self timer and the concrete line on the ground, apologising profusely to angry truckies, sweating profusely for my ten hot minutes being a headless chook.

I’m such a hazard to society.

Sue me.

I’ll also say that I’m crown to ankles in ASOS. Which is fine by me – I’ve always been one for aesthetics over labels, and so should everybody (though, there is a very fine line between inspiration and blatant rip-offs). Once in a while, when I have a spare half hour, I hop on ASOS and absolutely gut the sale and collection sections for absolute steals like this Marni-vibing sweater, that I’ve basically worn every chilly morning since it landed on my doorstep. It’s thirty freaking dollars, guys – seriously.

I would have loved to wear them with these wide-legged tartan beauties for a little textural variety, check clish clash and general cool factor, but alas, it was not to be (that’s the thing about awesomely priced ASOS – it sells out). So instead, I opted for this skinny reincarnation of my panelled Saveus pants, that kind of makes it look like my sweater is crying. I like that.

Ironic trucker cap included, my showdown was worth a grand total of $100.

Shoes included, $180 (I bought them at a Barney’s Warehouse Sale the first time I was in New York).

In conclusion, Firefox tabs are my friend.

ASOS Mono Check Sweater ($27.90 on sale at the moment!) – ASOS Pants in Monochrome –  ASOS High Shine Cap – Alexander Wang Heels (similar HERE)