Between the lines

May 6, 2013 0

The way I see it, this outfit cuts the unnecessary to leave all things more favourable. Much like Facebook profile pictures. Or bacon.



On a dreary Monday morning running on very little sleep (but adrenaline and excitement on the progress I’ve made on this year’s Sydney Uni Law Ball!), I’m taking a little time out before my next tute to share this favourite get-up of mine from mid-Fashion Week, that I have taken the liberty of self-approval and high rotation since.

The way I see it, this outfit cropped out the unnecessary to leave all things more favourable. Much like Facebook profile pictures. Or bacon. Who needs full length sleeves on a substantial Winter coat when a) you’re in Sydney and b) it’s far more flattering without? At least for a small frame comme ça. Roll it up. Roll-necking, too, requires no wrist nor abdominal coverage – indeed, one’s dire mono-boob is enough of a sight for onlookers to become accustomed with without excess stretchy grey getting in the way. Chopping the bottom of one’s top and bottoms are another survival of the fittest from the 90s – and rightly so. I often sing the praises of a woman’s back as the most elegant part of the body, with far more appeal than, say, one’s cleavage. I’ve already discussed midriff situations in the past, but ankles, ladies. MC, Holly, Clare and I had a conversation to this effect a few weeks ago, of which the conclusion deemed ankles to be the sexiest of all. It doesn’t matter how many elements, pieces and layers you’re wearing – as long as there are ankles in the equation, you’re cooking with gas.

I will warn you, though, that for those whose legs are not as blessedly Kloss-proportionate as the world would like, these pants are not for flats. I, for one, am obsessed with the idea of a beautiful reunion between these cropped cuffs and ankle strapped Wang flats, but as it turns out (surprise, surprise), these mid-height points are far more flattering – granted, they are basically my skin-tone as liquid metal, which is an optical confusion in itself.

That, and my headphones match!

It was a no-brainer.

Manning Cartell Coat – ASOS Roll Neck Crop Top and Ponyhair Belt FRENDS Headphones – Balenciaga Trousers from MATCHES – Boutique 9 Heels from Shopbop

photos by Zanita Morgan; editing by Margaret Zhang