Fifty Shades of Grey: Part 1

In which I do not read the world’s most popular print porno of the decade.





As I alluded to at the end of last week, here’s the beginning of a little something I’ve been working on over the past couple of days. So often, I’m asked about making monochromatic pieces look less corporate and plain Jane, so I thought I’d put together a series of stylised basics that I’ll add to every few weeks – we don’t all have the luxury of investing in wildly bright and printed statement pieces every half-season! For obvious reasons, these posts will be under the uber-sexual guise of Fifty Shades of Grey, which I will admit, I am yet to read. But, like any other viral publishing phenomenon that has diseased the world any time in the past three years, you can get away with throwaway lines leading conversational counterparts to believe that you are in and around what’s pop-culturally hip and happening – when one hasn’t seen Inception, “It was definitely a dream” will do; for anything to do with Twilight, “#TeamJacob”; not up to date with Gossip Girl, “XOXO!”; and as I’d rather buy a meal over Fifty Shades of Grey, I will continue to contribute to any exchange on the topic with “Kinky, right?”.

I will admit, too, that this series-to-be was partially born of my Nikon testing adventures. Somehow, backlight and black and white lent themselves so well to this D600 and 85mm, but not so much to blogpost titles. And now that this all important spiel is out of the way, we find ourselves back at our wardrobes, wondering what to wear to a meeting we were supposed to be at half an hour ago.

This is what I will say about basics: don’t buy boring ones. Those stores and retailers that your friends tell you are ‘good for basics’? They’re not good for basics. Go to your favourite labels, your favourite chain stores, your favourite boutiques where you always go for your statement occasion wear, and go through their sale rack for once. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be paying hundreds of dollars for a tee (I’m sorry how many sushi rolls could I have with that?) – TOPSHOP, ASOS, and ZARA are all perfect hubs for the famed quirky basic. Find the white shirts with a deeper neckline and cheeky back detail, the black trousers with an inoffensive sporty stripe. Why can’t your go to black maxi dress has a mad as hell split up one side? What’s stopping you from wearing your sports bra as a top? When your basics are anything but, and your accessories are have a little more pizzazz, your day-to-day dressing becomes infinitely easier, you’ll find yourself buying less so often, and suddenly the idea of ‘investing in basics’ makes a lot more sense.

What are your go-to blank canvases? Any throw-on looks like these that seem to get ou through any situation?

Bring on the week, baby!

Look 1: Dallas & Carlos Earrings – ZARA Dress – ASOS Rings – FujiFilm X100 from Digidirect

Look 2: ASOS Tee – Shakuhachi Skirt – Antoine + Stanley Sunglasses – Givenchy Bag from My Net Sale (going to be reduced on May 20!)

Look 3: CUE Jacket – Nike Sports Bra – J Brand Jeans – DIESEL Watch

Look 4: FujiFilm X100 – YesStyle Leather Jacket – TOPSHOP Split Dress (similar HERE) – Samantha Wills Necklace – Kirrily Johnston Clutch – Blackberry Z10

Look 5: Warehouse Biker Coat – Bec & Bridge Dress – Nike Free Sneakers


Margaret Zhang 章凝 is an Australian-born-Chinese director, photographer, consultant and writer based between New York and Shanghai. Since establishing her website in 2009, Margaret has gone on to work with global brands including CHANEL, UNIQLO, Swarovski, YEEZY, Bulgari, Gucci, MATCHES, Under Armour, and Louis Vuitton in a wide range of capacities both in front of and behind the camera, while completing her Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney. Margaret’s directing, photography, and styling has been employed by the likes of VOGUE, L’Officiel, Harper’s BAZAAR, NYLON, Marie Claire, GRAZIA and ELLE internationally. She has been listed in Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 and TimeOut’s 40Under40, and her work has been recognized as shaping the international fashion industry by the Business of Fashion BoF500 Index for the past four consecutive years. She went on to be the first Asian face to cover ELLE Australia. In 2016, she co-founded BACKGROUND, a global consultancy for which she specialises in Western-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-Western cultural bridging for a range of luxury, lifestyle, and brand initiatives. In 2017, she exhibited a series of 39 unseen photographic works as a solo show in Sydney, and premiered her first short film – a 15-minute exploration of her visceral relationship with classical music on both performance and abstract planes – to critical acclaim.

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